Fairs and Festivals of District Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 24, 2020

The people of Hamirpur district celebrate a good number of fairs and festivals round the year which
have, by and large, religious sanctity. Some of the important fairs and festivals held in the district are as under:

Gasota Mahadev Fair:

  • This is a place about 10 kms. away from Hamirpur on Jahu road.
  • The legend goes that some 500 years ago a farmer of Langwan Tikka while ploughing the fields got his ploughs stuck against a stone from which blood and milk gushed out.
  • This unusual event was treated as sacred by the people and it was decided to place the stone in a temple but the stone became so heavy that it was not possible to lift it at all.
  • Therefore, the people decided to construct a temple over it.
  • Ever-since, the people consider this stone as Shivling and worship till today.
  • Indeed, a fair is held here every year for eight days beginning from first Monday of Jaistha.
  • With the passage of time, this religious festival has assumed the commercial undertones where a big cattle show is held every year and people as far as from Punjab and Haryana come to participate in the cattle transaction which runs in lacs.

Holi Fair:

  • Holi fair of Tira Sujanpur has a historical background of its own.
  • It is said that during the princely days, Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra used to participate in the Holi festival here which used to be held every year in the month of Phalguna.
  • There used to be a tank which still exists and used to get filled up with coloured water and then people used to play holi joined by Raja Sansar Chand and his courtiers.
  • The significance of the festival during those days is evident enough from the wall paintings of the fort which depicts the celebration of Holi of Tira Sujanpur in the princely days in the walls of the fort.
  • People from far and wide come to celebrate it even till today and the peagants of Gods and Goddesses are taken through the market place with great pump and fan fair.

Baba Deothsidh Fair:

  • A religious fair is held on every Sunday of Jaistha.
  • Thousands of people from far and wide come to join the celebration.
  • In order to propitiate Baba Balak Nath, people offer goats to the Baba Balak Nath which are sacrificed in his honour.

Gashian Fair:

  • This fair is held on first Tuesday of Ashar month.
  • The fair is dedicated to Goddess Gashian.
  • Since the time immemorial people believe that on this day fairies come to take bath in the water.
  • Therefore, the festival has a considerable religious sanctity behind it.

Awah Devi Fair:

  • A temple of Goddess Awah Devi is situated there, where a festival is held in her honour.
  • People as far as from Mandi, Bilaspur and Punjab come to participate in this festival to propitiate the presence of the Goddess Awah Devi.

Chaniari Devi Fair:

  • This temple is situated 7 kms. from Hamirpur on Hamirpur – Nadaun Road.
  • A fair is held here in the month of Jaistha of every year in honour of Goddess Chaniari Devi.
  • Like the other religious festivals of the district, it has also presently assumed commercial dimension where the business of considerable sum gets transacted during the festival and the people from as far as Punjab come to take part in the transaction.

Apart from the aforesaid important fairs/festivals other comparatively minor fairs/festivals are:

  • Piplu fair known as Piplu-ka-Mela which is held in honour of Lord Shiva.
  • Another fair known as Mela Baggi is also held in honour of Pir.

Tauni Devi Fair, Markanda Fair, Dei-ka-Naon Fairs:

All the aforesaid fairs have as usual religious sanctity behind them, though, with the passage of time they have also become the fairs of commercial importance where considerable trade and commerce gets transacted.

Cattle fairs are also held at Chakmoh, Jahu and Dhirar every year which have only commercial significance.

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