Fairs and Festivals of District Kullu – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 8, 2020

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Sainj Fair:

  • This fair is held in Raila on 21 st of Baisakh (April-May) for one day.
  • The significance and legend of the fair is religious and recreational.
  • Idol of Devta Laxminarayan is brought from Raila to Sainj.
  • Thereafter the fair starts with folk dances and songs rhythmical with the beat of drums and trumpets.

Shamshi Virshu:

  • This fair is held on 1st Baisakh (April 13) for one day in village Khokhan.
  • The fair is religious and seasonal.
  • The legend connected with the fair is that Kamindi Devi daughter of Surya, the Sun God moved by the alluring beauties of the hill springs used to dance at this place with her girl friends who were daughters of Rishis and Munis.
  • The local inhabitants also regard themselves as the progeny of the daughters of those Rishis and Munis.
  • The goddess is worshipped outside and then it is taken inside the temple.
  • The people offer young yellow sheets of barley which are specially sown for the occasion to be offered to the Devi alongwith garlands.
  • Thereafter the women sing and dance around the Ratha carrying the Devi.
  • The Devi is also danced about.
  • Men-fold stays on a spectators and onlookers.

Mela Bhuntar:

  • The fair is held on 1st Ashad (June-July) for 3 days in village Bhuntar.
  • The fair is seasonal and religious.
  • The fair was started by the Devta of the ilaqua Suraj Pal.
  • Palaghamiar a Devta from Mardo also attend the fair.
  • From this day the use of food grains from the newly harvested crops starts after cooked food offerings are made to the gods and then the meal is shared by other relatives and friends.
  • This is known as Tahoolikhana in the local terminology.

Luhri Lavi:

  • This fair is held on Kartik 21st and 22nd (October-November) for two days and one night in village Dingidhar at Luhri.
  • The significance of the fair is religious and commercial.
  • The fair is held in honour of Devta Jogeshwar and Khegro Maya.
  • The Devtas are worshipped. Nati dances, Mimickery and other cultural performances at night are resorted to.

Ani Fair:

  • This fair is held on the 27th Vaisakh (April-May) for two days in village Franali at Ani.
  • In the fair deities of the adjoining villages participate.
  • The main attractions of the fair are folk dances and other cultural programmes.

Dalash Fair:

  • This fair is held in the month of Bhadon for three days and nights in village Soidhar at Dalash.
  • The fair is altogether religious and is held in honour of Devta Jogeshwar Mahadev of Dalash and Bungli Nag.
  • The devtas are worshipped and natti dances, cultural programmes and sports tournaments are performed.

Ganter Fair:

  • This fair is held on ‘Paus’ 3rd (Dec.-Jan.) for one day.
  • The fair is mainly religious and it is said that Ranas and Thakurs the rulers of Kullu valley were at logger head and used to be constantly at war with one another.
  • To commemorate the battle, a ram used to be sacrificed. The practice of ram sacrifice is still in vogue.

Ghatasani Fair:

  • This fair is held on Chait 4th (March-April) for two days in village Dawra.
  • The legend connected with the fair is that once mother Parvati told Lord Shiva that even Rama could change.
  • To prove this she went to Rama in the guise of Sita to deceive him.
  • When Lord Rama saw her he could see through the game and addressed Parvati as mother and enquired as to why she has left his guru i.e. Lord Shiva.
  • The fair starts with the worship of Vishnu Bhagwan and the village Devi.
  • Natti dances, folk songs and other cultural programmes are the main attractions of the fair.

Dhoongri Fair :

  • This fair is held on Jaisth 2nd (May-June) for three days in the memory of Devi Hadimba who meditated at Dhoongri and was married to Bhima one of the five Pandvas.
  • She had a son from him who was named Ghatotkach.
  • He fought in the battle of Mahabharta.
  • The fair starts with the worship of Goddess Hadimba.

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Bhadoli Fair:

  • This fair is held once in three years, dates of which are decided by the Brahmins.
  • The fair is held for four days.
  • The fair is commemorated in the memory of Lord Parshu Ram who is stated to have meditated here.
  • On the first day of the fair, reception of Devies and Devtas and their attendants takes place.
  • On the second day Devies and Devtas are appeased through songs and dances.
  • On the third day they are carried in a procession around the village.
  • On the fourth day, the fair comes to an end after serving community feast.

Budhi Diwali:

  • This fair is held on Maghar Amawas for three days in village Nirmand.
  • The fair is associated with the battle of Mahabharta which is said to have started on that day.
  • The fair is also held to commemorate the killings of two demons Dano and Asur who resided at village Nirmand in the form of snakes.
  • The fair starts with a brief recital of Mahabharta and puja of Raja Bali in folk songs.
  • Two ropes of munj grass signifying the snake demons are cut into pieces by the Kashtriyas.

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