Geographical Location and Extent of Himachal Pradesh

By | August 16, 2019
  • Himachal literally means “Land of Snowy Mountains”.
  • It is also called as Dev Bhumi or the Abode of Gods situated in the heart of Western Himalayas ranging between 30° 12’ and 33° 12’ north latitude and between 75°47’ and 79 °4’ east longitude.
  • The altitude of Himachal Pradesh varies from 350 m (1148 feet) to 7000 m (22966) above mean sea level.
  • There is a general increase in the elevation from west to east and south to north.
  • In terms of area, Himachal Pradesh is the 17th largest state (earlier it was 18th largest before bifurcation of Jammu and Kashmir) of India with an area of 55673 sq. km which is 1.7% of the total area of India (3287263 sq. km.).
  • According to the department of revenue, Himachal Pradesh, the measured area of Himachal Pradesh is 45318 sq. km. on revenue papers.
  • Two of the three eastern divisions of Himalayas Kedara (Garhwal) and Kurmachala (Kumaon) at one end and Kashmir at the other, form borders of Himachal Pradesh.
  • In ancient times, Himachal Pradesh was known as Jallandhra. It means Jalam-dhara that which holds water because four main rivers originate here.
  • In ancient tradition, Jallandhara a demon is said to be the son of ‘Sagara’ (ocean) and ‘Ganga’ the river which finds mention in Padma Purana.

Himachal Pradesh makes the border with the following states/countries:

  • North – Jammu and Kashmir
  • South – Haryana
  • East – Tibet
  • West – Punjab
  • South-East – Uttar Pradesh and Uttrakhand

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  1. Rahul Sharma


    HP shares its border with the Union Territory of Ladakh as well. Kindly include it in the section describing the states or countries with which HP shares its border.


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