HAS/HPAS Mains: Daily Answer Writing Practice Set-1 [General Studies-1]

By | October 9, 2020


Attempt all questions. Answer to question No 1 to 6 should not exceed to 60 words in each case. The contents of the answers are more important than their length. Each question carries 4 marks:

1) How Indian cultural heritage is influenced by the outside world?

2) What do you know about Panchayatan as a feature of Temple architecture and give
some examples.

3) Distinguish between Mural and Miniature paintings.

4) Explain the meaning of the Diwani and subsidiary alliance.

5) Write about the controversy between those favoring modern western education and
those favoring traditional Indian Learning.

6) In what way did Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar contribute to the making of modern India?

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4 thoughts on “HAS/HPAS Mains: Daily Answer Writing Practice Set-1 [General Studies-1]

  1. Abhi

    Kindly try to keep posting daily answer writing regularly….its a great initiative & very helpful for serious aspirants..

  2. Shivani

    Sir it’s a request .. plz continue daily answer writing acc. To syllabus with topic


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