HAS/HPAS Mains: Daily Answer Writing Practice Set-9 [General Studies-1]

By | October 25, 2020


Attempt all questions. Answer to question No 1 to 7 should not exceed to 120 words in each case Contents of the answers are more important than their length. Each question carries 8 marks.

1. Critically examine the smart city concept.

2. Examine the factors affecting the distribution pattern of the population in India?

3. Access the scope and development of cement industries in Himachal Pradesh?

4. Explain the role of Industrial corridors in the economic development of the country?

5. Write a short note on the future industrial potential of Himachal.

6. Critically evaluate the journey of Right education since its implementation to till date.

7. What do you understand by work culture, write your answer with respect to women’s participation and security as far as work culture is concerned.

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