Himachal Pradesh Teacher Eligibility Test (Medical) 2013

By | July 8, 2017
  1. Among writing, climbing, flopping, running which one is an example of a fine motor skill? –Writing
  1. Orthopedically impaired children are likely to have –Dysgraphia
  1. In the formation processing model of thinking, the following steps are said to take place – Response execution, Response selection, Pre-processing, Categorization. The correct sequence of those steps is –Response selection-Categorization-Preprocessing-Response execution
  1. The father of the Kinderaten movement was –Froebel
  1. The ‘Insight theory of Learning’ is promoted by –Gestalt theorists
  1. Four district stages of Children’s intellectual development are identified by –Piaget
  1. In which stage do children become active member of their Peer group? –Adolescence
  1. Smallest unit of meaning in a Language is –Phoneme
  1. I.Q. Scores are generally…………correlated with academies performance –Highly
  1. If a child has mental age of 5 years and chronological age of 4 years, then what will be the I.Q. of child? –125
  1. Theory of multiple intelligence implies the following, except:

(a) Emotional intelligence is not related to I.Q.

(b) Intelligence is a distinct set of processing operations used by an individual to solve problems

(c) Discipline should be presented in a number of ways

(d) Learning could be assessed through a variety of means

  1. What is the Sensori-motor stage of cognitive development according to Jean Piaget? –Birth to 2 years
  1. According to Kohlber, ‘Children approach thinking about right and wrong’ –As per the context
  1. Three domains of learning are –Cognitive, affective, psychomotor
  1. Progressive methods of teaching are –Child-centered
  1. As Manjeet loves teaching, so he teaches children of his neighborhood on every Sunday. He is …….motivated –Intrinsically
  1. A School gives preference to girls while preparing team for a State level singing competition. This reflects –Gender bias
  1. When a teacher helps his/her learners in linking the knowledge, they have derived in one subject area with the knowledge from other subject area, she/he is promoting –Correlation and transfer of knowledge
  1. Environmental factors that shape development include –culture and language, Educational environment, Quality of nutrition
  1. “A person is neither ‘born’ to be, nor’ made’ what he is. Rather he is the product of the integration of biological inheritance and social heritage,” This statement signifies the importance of ………in development. –Heredity and environment both
  1. Poonam and Anu are two sisters. Poonam learns every lesson very quickly whereas Anu takes longer time to learn them. It denotes the development principle of –Individual differences
  1. The ‘Insight theory’ of learning is propounded by –Gestalt theorists
  1. ‘Reasoning ability’ (R) is associated with ……….of intelligence.– Thurston’s group factor theory
  1. As a teacher, you never give answers to questions, instead, you encourage your students to suggest answers, have group discussions and adopt collaborative learning. Your approach is based on the principle of –Active participation
  1. A creative learner is one who is –Capable of divergent thinking and problem solving
  1. Mohan does not like his peers and even does not interact with them. He always remains aloof in the class. He needs training …….domain. –Affective
  1. The full form of N.C.T.E. is –National Council of Teacher Education
  1. If a child writes ‘31’ as ‘13’, ‘6’ as ‘9’, ‘b’ as ‘d’ and ‘n’ as ‘u’ he is suffering from –Dysgraphia
  1. The main frustration that a child with hearing loss faces in the classroom is –The inability to interact with others
  1. Language spoken is Lakshadweep is –Malayalam
  1. In which State of India the First Lok Ayukta was appointed? –Maharashtra
  1. Third Battle of Panipat was fought between –Ahmad Shah Abdali and Maratha
  1. Who was the Chief Election Commissioner of India? –V. S. Sampath
  1. Which planet is nearest to the sun? –Mercury
  1. Hyderabad city is situated on the bank of River –Musi
  1. Roof of the world is –Pamir
  1. Wimbledon Trophy is associated with –Lawn Tennis
  1. India’s permanent station in Antarctica is –Dakshin Gangotri
  1. Among Maize, Barley, Jawar, Cotton which one is not Kharif crop?– Barely
  1. Which Article of the Indian Constitution deals with the Amendment procedure? –Article 368
  1. Who installed the Idol of Raghunathji in Kullu in 1653 A.D.?Jagat Singh
  1. Among Lambas, Swangla, Meena, Jads which Tribe is not found in Himachal Pradesh? –Meena
  1. Where is ‘Black Pagoda’ situated in India? –Konark
  1. ‘Jog Fall’ is associated with which river? –Sharavati
  1. How many Pin code zones are there in India? –8
  1. The Amul Cooperative Dairy is located in –Anand, Gujarat
  1. ‘Osteology’ is the study of –Bones
  1. French Revolution took place in the year– 1789
  1. When Himachal Pradesh was formed it became –18thState of India
  1. State Council of Education Research and Training (SCERT) of Himachal Pradesh is located at –Solan
  1. The Jim Corbett National Park is situated in –Uttarakhand
  1. Which city is called the Forbidden City? –Lhasa
  1. ‘Fourth Estate’ is related to –Press
  1. The Russian Revolution took place in –1917
  1. Who started agitation against ‘Begar system’ in Shimla? –Bhagmal Souhta
  1. Rohtang Pass is situated between –Kullu- Lahaul
  1. When did Himachal Pradesh get status of Full Statehood? –25 January, 1971
  1. In Himachal Pradesh ‘Bhuri Singh Museum’ is situated in –Chamba
  1. Which class of Protozoa is totally parasite? –Sporozoa
  1. Study of Inter-relationship between a species and its environment is –Autecology
  1. Night blooming flowers are generally-Stunted
  1. Role of Placenta is to –Provide nutrition to developing embryo
  1. Correct sequence in a food chain is –Grass-insects-birds-snake
  1. In a bacterium cell, the site of respiration is– Protoplasmic membrane
  1. Amoeba moves with the help of –Pseudopodia
  1. The most common indicator organism that represents polluted water is– E.Coli
  1. When an animal has the characters of both male and female, it is called –Gynandromorphy
  1. In human beings, the eggs are –Alecithal
  1. Meiosis is best observed in dividing –Microsporocyte’s
  1. Study of formation, growth and development of new individual from an egg is –Embryology
  1. Fertilization involving carrying of male gametes by pollen tube is –Siphonogamy
  1. Dr. Hargobind Khorana was awarded Nobel Prize for– Chemical synthesis of genes
  1. Which of the following is wrongly matched?




Fruit juice-Pectinase –

  1. “Molecular scissors” used in genetic engineering is –Restriction endonuclease
  1. What is the Reserve food present in Blue-green algae? –Starch
  1. Cell wall of Fungus is made up of –Chitin
  1. Morphine is obtained from –Papaver somniferum
  1. A technique which involves deliberate manipulation of genes between species is called –Genetic engineering
  1. While on a journey up in the hills you may come across a thick forest ofPinus gerardiana, what is the most probable altitude of that region from sea level? –6,000 to 7,000 ft.
  1. Food material in exalbumminous seed is mainly stored in –Cotyledon
  1. Vegetative propagation through the process of grafting is not possible in monocots, because –Cambium is absent in the vascular bundle
  1. The special structure which can transport material across the cell membrane –Protein
  1. Which one helps in uniform distribution of water and manures in the Soil? –Ploughing
  1. InMinosa pudica (Touch-me-not plant) the closure of leaflets is due to the process of –Nastic movements
  1. Which process is performed exclusively by Bacteria? –Synthesis of vitamins in the intestine
  1. Eroded soils are –Low in plant nutrients
  1. Cotton fibres are made up of –Cellulose
  1. Spirulina is a –Single cell protein
  1. Which one is an edible fresh water algae? –Chlorella
  1. The plant part which consists of two generations, one within the another is –Seed
  1. Plants are killed in winter frost, because –Desiccation and mechanical injury to the plant tissues
  1. Scientific process in which crop plants are enriched with certain desirable nutrients is –Biofortification
  1. Aquatic fern which is an excellent bio-fertilizer is –Azolla
  1. Plants adapted to live partly submerged in water while a part of them grows above the surface of water –Helophytes
  1. Green muffler is used to reduce which type of pollution? –Noise
  1. Central Sugarcane Breeding Research Institute is situated at –Coimbatore
  1. Sour taste of Vinegar is due to –Acetic acid
  1. Which molecule is a product of fermentation of glucose by Yeast? –C2H5OH
  1. What is the meaning of Phyllotaxy? –Arrangement of leaves on stem
  1. Endemics species are those which grow in –Geographically limited are
  1. Wild relatives of cultivated plant are conserved, because they– Carry many useful genes which may be lost in cultivated plants
  1. Which is referred to as ‘Lungs of the Planet earth’? –Amazon rain forest
  1. Which is not true for a species?– Gene flow does not occur between populations of same species
  1. Species diversity increases as one proceeds from –High to low altitude and high to low latitude
  1. Animals living at the bottom of the sea are known as –Benthic
  1. What is common among Silver fish, Scorpion, Crab and Honey bee? –Jointed appendages
  1. Epithelial cells of intestine involved in food absorption have ……… on their surface. –Microvilli
  1. The largest part of human heart is – Right atrium

The innermost layer of human eye is – Retina

  1. During Strenuous exercise, glucose is converted into– Lactic acid
  1. Which hormone is known as fight and flight hormone? –Adrenalin
  1. Filter feeding is a kind of nutrition named –Holozoic
  1. Which group of animals used joined legs for locomotion? –Arthropoda
  1. The second largest Phylum in animal kingdom is –Mollusca
  1. Respiration is controlled by –Medulla oblongata
  1. Spleen is referred to as –Graveyard of RBCs
  1. Give the correct order of organization of Genetic material (from smallest to largest) –Gene – chromosome – genome
  1. Total no. of ribs which are attached directly to the sternum are –7 pairs
  1. Milk of magnesia contain– Magnesium hydroxide
  1. Which chemical is used on the tip of a match stick? –Potassium chlorate
  1. Which among Diesel, Petrol, LPG, and CNG has highest Calorific value? –LPG
  1. Separation of cotton from the seed is called as –Genning
  1. Among 2, 2, 4-trimethylpentane, n-heptane, 2, 3-dimethylhexane, 3-methyhexane which one has highest octane number? –2, 2, 4-trimethylpentane
  1. A Lewis acid can– Accept a pair of electron
  1. Cracking of hydrocarbon mean-Change of higher hydrocarbons into small by heat
  1. Which color develops when Phenolphthalein is added into basic solution? –Light pink
  1. A non-metal which acts as Fungicide –Sulphur
  1. Maximum rise in boiling point of water occurs on addition of which substance to 1kg of water? –1 mole of Al2(SO4)3
  1. Peptisation is related to– Preparation of colloidal state
  1. Which element constitutes a major impurity in pig iron? –Carbon
  1. Among Cyclobutane, Cyclopentadienyl anion, Cyclopropane which species is aromatic? –Cyclopentadienyl anion
  1. All Geometrical isomers are –Diastereomers
  1. Correct order of acidic strength is-p-NO2-C6H4OH>C6H5OH>H2O>CH3OH
  1. Secondary structure of proteins is determined by –Hydrogen bond
  1. Max Planck developed –Quantum theory of radiation
  1. Most abundant element in earth crust is –O (46.1%)
  1. SF4molecule is –Distorted tetrahedral
  1. Which of the following is incorrect about solution of Na metal in NH3? –
  2. a) It is strongly reducing in nature
  3. b) It has metallic luster
  4. c) It is blue when concentrated and grey when dilute
  5. d) It has metallic luster
  1. Inert pair effect is shown by –P-block elements
  1. Transition elements have –Excellent alloying properties, very good catalytic properties and most of them show variable oxidation states
  1. Milk is an emulsion of –Fat dispersed in water
  1. A substance which is used as neutron absorber in a Nuclear Reactor is –Cadmium
  1. Silica is –represented as SiO2, it is a high melting solid, and in it Si atom is tetrahedrally surrounded by four O atoms
  1. Glucose is –Aldosehexoxe
  1. Half life period for a reaction is 10 minutes. How long would it take for 75% completion? –20 minutes
  1. Which acid is commonly called aquafortis? –HNO3
  1. Which substance behaves both as an oxidizing and reducing agent? –So2
  1. Among Uracil, Thymine, Ribose and Phosphate which one is not present in RNA? –Thymine

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