Himachal Pradesh Tehsil Welfare Officer Exam 2009

By | June 30, 2017

1.Who was the first President of Indian National Congress (1885)? – Wyomesh Chandra Banerjee

  1. Prime Minister of India who did not face the Parliament? – Chaudhary Charan Singh
  1. Who is known as the “Grand Old Man of India”? – Dadabhai Naroji
  1. Name of the Indian who returned the “Knighthood conferred on him as a token of protest against the atrocities in Punjab in 1919 – Rabindranath Tagore
  1. Which Sufi Saint’s dargah is at Ajmer? – Muinuddin chisti
  1. “Swaraj is my birthright”. Who said it ? – Balgangadhar Tilak
  1. Who among Kabirdas, Surdas, Bihari & Raskhan was a blind poet who spread Krishna Bhakti cult? – Surdas
  1. Babar laid the foundation of Mughal empire in 1526 defeating – Ibrahim Lodhi
  1. Akbar defeated Rana Pratap in the battle of Haldighati in the year – 1576
  1. Who among Babur, Humayun, Akbar & Jahangir was ignorant of the art of reading and writing? – Akbar
  1. Who among Dutch, English, French and Portuguese were the last to come as traders to preindependence India? – French
  1. The first Muslim invasion ( in 712 A.D.) of India was led by – Muhammad-Bin-Qasim
  1. Which Muslim emperor was attracted by the beauty of Queen Padmini? – Alauddin Khilji
  1. The first writer to use Urdu as the medium of poetic expression was – Amir Khusrau
  1. “Brahmo Samaj” in 1828 was founded by – Raja Ram Mohan Roy
  1. Tipu sultan died fighting the British forces under – Lord Wellesley
  1. Non-cooperation Movement started by Gandhiji in the year – 1920
  1. Who was the first Indian to get selected in Imperial Civil Services? – Surendranath Banerjee
  1. Delhi became the capital of India on – Decemeber 12, 1911
  1. Who gave the slogan “Inquilab Zindabad”? – Mohammad Iqbal
  1. On October 2, 1959, in which Indian State Panchayati Raj System was first introduced? –  Rajasthan
  1. Who is entitled to initiate a Bill for constitutional amendments? – Either House of Parliament
  1. Match the following (Provisions-Amendments)

Panchayati Raj – 73rd

Fundamental Duties – 42nd

Voting Age lowered from 21 years to 18 years – 61st

Right to property abolished – 44th

  1. Chief Election Commissioner can be removed – by each House of Parliament by 2/3 majority and on the ground of proven misbehavior or incapacity
  1. In Indian Constitution Subject of Education is in – Concurrent list
  1. The wheel (Chakra) in Indian National Flag contains how many spokes? – 24
  1. Among Debtors, Creditors, Business class & holder of real assets which group suffer most from inflation? – Creditors
  1. One-rupee currency notes bear the signatures of – Finance Secretary of India
  1. Among Bhilai, Bokaro, Rourkerla and Vishakhapatnam at which one place SAIL Steel Plant is not in existence? – Vishakhapatnam
  1. In which Industry is the maximum number of women employed in India? – Tea
  1. Which of the following statement with regard to U.N.O. is/are correct?

The General Assembly meets once a year: the Security Council Members & the non-permanent members of the Security Council are elected for a two year term.- All are correct

  1. The  headquarters of World Trade Organization is in – Geneva
  1. U.N. General assembly adopted and proclaimed the Universal Declaration of Human Rights in the year – 1948
  1. Among Shellac, human body, glass & ebonite which one is a good conductor of electricity? – Human body
  1. Through which one among air, glass, water wood doest sound travel the slowest? – Wood
  1. In which one of the flying fish, sea horse, frog and chameleon is respiration done by skin? – Frog
  1. Smallpox, Measles & Mumps diseases are caused by – Virus
  1. The chemical name of Vitamin D is – Calciferol
  1. The first President of U.S.A. to visit India was – D.W. Eisenhower
  1. Who wrote “ The Communist Manifesto” along with Karl Marx? – Friedrich Engels
  1. Who is the author of the book “ My Country, My Life”? – L.K. Advani
  1. Match the following(books –author)

My Experiments with Truth – M.K. Gandhi

India wins Freedom – Abul Kalam Azad

Glimpses of World History – Pt. J.L. Nehru

Prison Diary – Jai Prakash Narayan

My Truth- Indira Gandhi

  1. The total surface are of the earth is – 510 million sq. km.
  1. Which is the world’s largest desert? – Sahara
  1. B.C. Roy award is given in the field of – Medicine
  1. India won the last Hockey Olympic Gold in – 1980, Moscow
  1. Which international Tennis events is played on a grass court? – Wimbledon
  1. Which Indian batsman made three consecutive centuries in his first three tests? – Mohd. Azharuddin
  1. The hottest planet is – Venus
  1. The world’s longest river is – Nile
  1. Which Raja  of Mandi followed the rule of “Silence is Gold” and was very fond of inculcating this habit among his courtiers and official? – Surma Sen
  1. In which fair, it was essential to offer a male buffalo as a sacrifice to the river God? – Minjar Fair
  1. A responsible government was established in Theog state on 15th August, 1947. Who was elected as its first Prime Minister? – Surat Ram Prakash
  1. “Himalayan Pahari State Territorial Council” headquarters was at – Shimla
  1. “Prem Pracharini Sabha” Dhami was established in – 1937 A.D.
  1. Who was the first member of Rajya Sabha from Himachal Pradesh? – Chiranji Lal Verma
  1. “Khaneti” and “Delath” were Thakurais (tributaries) of – Rampur Bushahr State
  1. “Chandra” and “Bhaga” rivers join at – Tandi
  1. Sutlej river enter Himachal Pradesh (from Tibet) at – Shipki
  1. During Vedic period which river was known as “Parushin”? – Ravi
  1. “Waziri Rupi” is a part of – Kullu District
  1. The total area of H.P. on 15th April, 1948( at time of formation) was – 27,018 sq.km
  1. “Hathi  Dhar” is in which district? – Chamba
  1. Hangrang Valley is in the district of – Kinnaur
  1. Giri river originates from – Kuppar Peak (Shimla)
  1. Indian Institute of Advanced Studies (Vice Regal Lodge) is situated on – Observatory hills
  1. “Sanjay Vidyut Pariyojana” is in the district of – Kinnaur
  1. Himachal Pradesh Electricity Board was constituted in – 1971
  1. The total production capacity of Beas-Sutlej Link project is – 990 MW
  1. The production capacity of Dehar Pariyojana is – 165 MW
  1. The total funds allocation for the 1st five Year Plan in H.P. was nearly – Rs.5.27 crores
  1. Which festival of Lahual is parallel to Diwali? – Halda
  1. Which Mandi ruler constructed Prashar temple ( at Prashar) in 1346 A.D.? – Ban Sen
  1. Dr. Rajendra Prasad Medical College, Tanda was established in – 1996-1997
  1. Norah Richards ( the writer and painter) lived in – Andretta

Choose the correct sentence from the option given below


  1. (A) She did nothing but wept.(B) She does nothing but wept

(C) She did nothing but weep. (D) She does anything but wept. – She did nothing but weep.


  1. (A) The teacher said to me where was I going.

(B) The teacher said to me “where was I going?”

(C) The teacher said to me “ where are you going?”

(D) The teacher asked to me where I was going?” – The teacher asked where I was going.


  1.      (A) She laid in her bed.

   (B) she lied in her bed.

(C) she lay in her bed.

(D) She had laid in  her bed. – She lay in her bed.

  1.     (A) she has been sick since Wednesday.

(B) She is sick since Wednesday.

  (C) She was sick since Wednesday.

   (D) She is sick ever since Wednesday. – She has been sick since Wednesday.

  1. (A) The river has overflown its banks.

(B) The river has overflowed its banks

(C) The river has flown over its banks.

           (D) The river has flowed its banks – The river has overflown its banks

Give the option that has the same meaning as the underlined word:

  1. 81. Scavenger – Cleaner
  1. 82. Mundane – Worldly
  1. 83. Extinction- Disappearance
  1. 84. Magnificent – Grand
  1. 85. Proximity – Nearness

Give the word which is opposite in meaning to the underlined word

  1. Genuine – counterfeit
  1. 87. Amateur – Professional
  1. 88. Obsolete –  Contemporary
  1. 89. Novice – Expert
  1. 90. Cynical – Trusting

Fill in the blanks with the best option

  1. 91. No sooner did the bell ring……….. the boys ran into their classes. – than
  1. 92. …………..you study hard, you will not progress. – unless
  1. 93. He is not……..that sort of work. – cutout for
  1. 94. How can she……. the time she has lost? – make up for
  1. 95. I am ……….this wet weather. – fedup with

Choose the word which has the correct spelling

  1. (A) Comissioner    (B) Commisioner  (C) Cummissioner (D) Commissioner – Commissioner
  1. (A) Fulfil (B) Fulfill (C) Fullfil (D) Fullfill – Fulfil
  1. (A) Quarrel (B) Quarell (C) Quarrell (D) Querell – Quarrel
  1. (A) Bigining (B) Biginning (C) Bigning (D) Bigening – Biginning
  1. (A) Interruption (B) Interraption (C) Interrupsion (D) Interuption – Interruption

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