Himachal State Government successfully implements Swachh Bharat Mission

By | March 26, 2020

State Government has implemented several schemes to keep the state clean and beautiful under the Clean India Mission (Swachh Bharat Mission) in the last two years.

Swachh Bharat Mission focuses on ensuring hygiene, waste management and sanitation across the state.

The main objective of this mission is:

  • to completely eliminate the practice of open defecation by providing toilet facilities to the citizens of the state
  • converting dry toilets into flush toilets
  • ending the practice of manual scavenging
  • ensuring the management of solid waste in modern and scientific manner.

Besides, change in people’s behaviour by ensuring awareness and public participation in the hygiene system.

All those living in local urban bodies, which do not have their own toilets or their toilets are not connected to sewerage lines, will be eligible to avail this scheme. An amount of Rs. 12 thousand is being provided for the construction of personal toilets, under the individual toilet construction component.

In the last two years, 5633 individual household toilets have been constructed with an expenditure of  Rs 5.51 crore and  1198 public toilets and 370 community toilets have been constructed by spending an amount of Rs 1.11 crore.

For waste management, a 1.75 MW Waste-to-Energy plant with a cost of Rs 42.00 crore in district Shimla and 1.00 MW Waste-to-Energy plant of Rs. 18 crore in Manali have been set up under Public-Private Partnership (PPP mode) by the state government.

A baling machine is being installed in every urban body of the state and so far 15 machines have been installed. In addition, 54 sanitary napkin incinerators are being installed.

Plants for waste manure are being set up for 40 other urban bodies.

MoUs have been signed with cement companies to use waste collected in urban bodies as flammable waste fuel. Underground garbage collection systems have been installed in three other municipal bodies of the state, under which 163 underground dustbins have been installed.

In the last two years, five trammel machines have been installed for disposal of legacy waste.

The state government is also organizing various awareness activities for behaviour change and public participation in the state.

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