HP Economic Survey 2020-21 [Gist of Chapter – 4]

By | April 4, 2021

Compiled by: Aditya Chauhan [Executive Secretary]

Dept of Urban Development, Govt. of HP

 Sustainable Development Goals

a. World adopted 17 goals with169 targets in 1 January 2016 and NITI AYOG formed SDG index mapping 62 targets.

b. It ranked Himachal Pradesh as second best performing state after Kerala

c. HP formed Drishti Himachal 2030 in which 16 goals covered except SDG 14. Most of the targets to be achieved in 2022.

d. According to National Family Health Survey

  1. Infant mortality rate 34
  2. Under five mortality rate 38
  3. 95% of the households have access to water
  4. Himachal was 1st state to be declared ODF

e. Target achieved

  1. Reduction of rural poverty from 36.8% to 8.5%
  2. Successful Land Reforms -80% of the rural households have land
  3. 63% Of the women in state are employed, Himachal is 2ndstate in FLFP after Sikkim

f. Targets to be achieved by 2030

  1. Reduction of poverty from 5% to 2%
  2. Reduction of IMR from 35 to 2.
  3. 100% Coverage of the population under Health Insurance
  4. Increase child sex ratio from 909 to 940

g. District good governance Index-Started on 19th Jan 2019 for governance assessment at sub state level

  1. Top 3 District-Bilaspur, Mandi, Hamirpur
  2. Bottom 3 District – Lahaul-Spiti, Chamba, Shimla

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