HP Election Kanungo Paper 2014 (Part 2

By | July 1, 2017

Directions:(Q. No. 99 to 102) In each of the following questions, various terms of an alphabet series are given with one or more terms missing as shown by? Give the missing term.  

  1.  X, S, T, S, ? – P
  1.  Z, W, S, N, ? – H
  1.  CD, GH, KL,……ST, – OP
  1.  CH, DI, EJ, ? – FK

Directions: ( Q. No. 103 to 106) there is a certain relations between two given words on one side of : : and one word is given on another side of : : give another word having the same relation with this word as the given pair has.

  1.  Flow: River ::Stagnant 😕 – Pool
  1.  College : Teacher :: Hospital – Doctor
  1.  Chaos: Peace ::Destruction;? – Creation
  1.  Country : President :: State : ? – Governor

Directions: (Q.No. 107 to 128) Complete the sentence by Giving the most appropriate word.

  1.  Summer is related to Winter is the same way as cold is related to – Warm
  1.  Vitamin-A is related to Spinach in the same way as Vitamin-C is related to – Orange
  1.  Cataract is related to eyes in the same way as Eczema is related to- Skin
  1.  Microphone is related to ‘Loud’ in the same way as Microscope is related to – Magnify
  1.  Harare is related to Zimbabwe in the same way as Port Louis is related – Mauritius
  1.  Taka is related to Bangladesh in the same way Yen is related to – Japna
  1.  Mount Abu is related Rajasthan in the same way Nilgiri Mountains are related to – Tamil Nadu
  1.  Odissi is related to Odisha in the same way as Kuchipudi is related to – Andhra Pradesh
  1.  Sarod is related to Amjad Ali Khan in the same way as Tabla is related to – Zakir Hussian
  1.  Pyraminds are related to Egypt in the same way as Eiffel Tower is related to – France
  1.  Edmund Hillary is related to Mount Everest in the same way as Robert Peary is related to – North Pole
  1.  Badminton is related to court in the same way as Werestling is related to – Arena
  1.  Sumo Wrestling is related to Japan in the same way as Baseball is related to – USA
  1.  ELISA test is related to AIDS in the same way as WIDAL test is related to – Typhoid
  1.  Cardiology is related to heart in the same way as the Numismatics is related to – Coins and Medals
  1.  Pen is related to paper in the same way as paint-brush is related to – Walls
  1.  Rajasthani is related to Rajasthan in the same as Malayalam is related to – Kerala
  1.  “Andes” is related to South America in the same way as “Alps” is related to – Europe
  1.  Periodic table is related to Chemistry in the same way as Atlas is related to Geography
  1.  Firozabad is related to bangles in the same way as……….is related to Mangoes – Malihabad
  1.  Silence is related to Noise in the same way as hair is related to – Baldness
  1.  Reading is related to Knowledge in the same way as Work is related to – Experience
  1.  Among Chintpurni, Chamunda, Bajreshwari, Jwaliji which temple is not located in the district of Kangra? – Chintpurni
  1.  Guru Ghantal Gompa is located at – Lahaul
  1.  The name of Guru Padamsambhava is associated with the lake – Rewalsar
  1.  Which district is associated with Ghadasaru lake? Chamba
  1.  There is no hot water spring at – Masrur
  1.  Which district touch the boundaries of Haryana State? – Sirmour
  1.  Among, YOl, Subathu, Bakloh, Bairgarh which one is not a cantonment area? – Bairagarh
  1.   The name ‘Raja Rasalu’ is associated with the erstwhile state of – Sirmaur
  1.  “Rajban” of district Sirmaur is famous for – Cement Factory
  1.  ‘Bahar’ and ‘Bageshwari’ are the famous varieties of – Tea
  1.  The construction of victory Tunnel at Shimla was in commemoration of – Victroy of the British in the Second World war
  1.  …………is known as “Mini Switzerland” of Himachal Pradesh – Khajiar
  1.  Proposed air port at Rangrik is located in the district of  – LahaulSpiti
  1.  The famous painting ‘Kangra Bride’ is associated with the name – Sardar Sobha Singh
  1.  The name Vaid Surat Ram is associated with – Pajhota Movement
  1.  Which district was earlier known as “Chini”? – Kinnaur
  1.  As per census – 2011, the density of population is ….per sq.km. in H.P. – 123
  1.  The highest peak Shilla of Himachal Pradesh is located in the district of – Kinnaur
  2.  The capacity of Parbati Hydel Project is ….MW. – 2051
  1.  ‘Arji Kiya’ is the vedic name of river – Beas
  1.  The name ‘Bihangmani Pal’ is associated with…..as its founder. – Kullu
  1.   The ‘Lavi Fair, of Rampur is generally celebrated in the month of ….every year. – November
  1.  Treaty of Jawalamukhi, between Maharaja Ranjeet Singh and Raja Sansar Chand –II, held in the year. – 1809
  1.  On 15 April 1948, Himachal Pradesh came into being as a Centrally Administered Chief Commissioner’s Province with …..Districts – 4
  1.  ‘Kangra Kalam’ is associated with – Painting style
  1.   The book “Himalayan District of Kullu and Lahaul-Spiti was written by – A.P.F. Harcourt
  1.  Who gave the title ‘Paharan-Da-Bulbul’ to Baba Kanshi Ram? – Sarojini Naidu
  1.  ‘Indian Institute of Advanced Studies’ was earlier known as – Viceregal Lodge
  1.  Which of the subdivisions is associated with ‘Kamlahgarh Fort’? – Sarkaghat
  1.  T.V.R. Tatachari was the first ………of H.P. – Lokayukta

Give the correct synonym for the word given in capitals from the alternatives

  1.  DYNAMIC – Energetic
  1.  VERACITY – Accuracy

Give the correct antonym for words given in capitals from the alternatives

  1.  USURP – Surrender
  1.  DUSK – Dawn

Give the appropriate word from the alternatives

  1.  The new principal ……..stress on the extra co-curricular activities – Laid
  1.  Fate smiles……..those who work hard. – On

Choose the correctly spelt

  1.  (A) Benefitted (B) Benifitted (C) Benefeted (D) Benefited – Benefited
  1.  (A) Deriliction (B) Derelection (C) Dereliction (D) Dareliction – Dereliction

Fill in the Blanks

  1.  Distribute the toffees equally ……..four children –Among
  1.  The car is ….firs. – On
  1.  The Indus Valley Civilization site lothal is in  – Gujarat
  1.   During Rigvedic period, the original inhabitants of India were called – Dasyus
  1.  The word “Hindu” for the people of India was first used by – The Arabs
  1.   There are…………Mandalas in the Rigveda- 10
  1.  Who wrote ‘Ashtaadhyayi”? – Panini
  1.  ‘Charak’ was the court physician of – Kanishka
  1.  The year 261 B.C. is associated with – Kalinga war
  1.  Vardhamana Mahavira died at – Pavapuri
  1.  The first Muslim who invaded India was – Mohammad-bin-Qasim
  1.   The Sultan of Delhi, known for his market reforms, was – Alauddin Khilji
  1.  Razia Sultan was the daughter of – IIltutmish
  1.   The Sultan of Delhi, popularly known as ‘the wise fool king’ was- Muhammad bin Tughlaq
  1.  Which Sikh Guru was executed by Auranzeb in 1675 A.D. – Guru Teg Bahadur
  1.  Which one was the court language during the reign of Akbar? – Persian
  1.  ………built ‘Ibadatkhana’ at fatehpur Sikri – Akbar
  1.  Which were the first Europeans to establish regular trade with India?- Dutch
  1.  Mughal Empire reached its zenith of territorial expansion under – Akbar
  1.    Whose name is associated with the ‘Doctrine of Lapse’? – Lord Dalhousie
  1.  A Council of Eight Ministers known as the ‘Ashta Pradhan’ was associated with – Shivaji
  1.  The battle of Plassey was fought in the year…….A.D. – 1757 AD
  1.  Which is the famous freedom movement started in 1920 A.D. – Non-Cooperation
  2. Who was responsible for the Partition of Bengal in 1905 A.D.?- Lord Curzon

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