Mughals and Chamba State

By | November 20, 2016
  • Akbar sent his very able finance minister Todar Mal to build imperial demesne in Kangra and adjoining areas of Chamba.
  • In this process, Chamba lost Rihlu, Chari, and Gharoh areas. 
  • Raja Pratap Singh Verman was the contemporary of Mughal Emperor Akbar. He was loyal to the Mughals.
  • When Raja Surajmal of Nurpur took refugee in the Chamba against protecting himself from the Mughal Army, Raja of Chamba was asked to surrender him or face the wrath of the Mughal Army. However, before anything could happen Raja Surajmal felt ill and died.
  • Battle of Dhalog (near Dhalousie) was fought between Raja Janardhan of Chamba and Raja Jagat Singh of Nurpur in which Raja Jagat Singh emerged victorious. Mughals sided Raja Jagat Singh.

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  • After some time, Raja Jagat Singh revolted against Mughals.
  • Emperor Shah Jahah sent a large army under the command of Murad Baksh in 1641 A.D. to suppress the rebellion.
  • Prithvi Singh son of Janardhan rushed to Raja of Mandi and Suket to seek their help for the restoration of the Chamba throne.
  • Raja Jagat Singh fought bravely but could not withstand the Mughal’s Army.
  • Chamba was restored to Prithvi Singh.
  • Raja Chatar Singh succeeded his father Prithvi Singh.
  • Raja Chatar Singh was the contemporary of Mughal Emperor Aurangzeb. He refused to obey the Royal orders regarding the demolition of Hindu Temples in the native state. Upon this, he had to fight against Mughals.

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