Naib Tehsildar Main Exam 2018 (General Studies Paper)

By | April 24, 2018


1. The World Earth Day is on? – April 22

2. What is the projected fiscal deficit of India for the financial year 2018-19? – 3.3%

3. Wimbledon Trophy is related to? – Tennis

4. Where is China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Terminated in Pakistan? – Gwadar Port

5. The currency of Qatar is? – Riyal

6. In which country was the Pulitzer Prize instituted? – USA

7. The UNO Charter was signed in? – San Francisco

8. The headquarters of the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) is in? – Vienna

9. 49th parallel forms the boundary between? – Canada and USA

10. Which region of Spain has declared its independence? – Catalonia

11. The name of BRICS Development Bank has been changed to? – New Development Bank

12. Where was held the World Economic Forum Meet in 2018? – Davos

13. Aung San Suu Kyi is Myanmar’s? – State Counsellor

14. Which astronomer, physicist, engineer and mathematician was charged with hearsay for asserting that the earth moves round the sun? – G. Galilei

15. The Parliament of Switzerland is called? – Federal Assembly

16. Which country has the newspaper, ”The Herald ”? – Great Britain

17. Which of the following News Agencies is not matched correctly with its country?

  1. Reuters – Great Britain
  2. United News of India – India
  3. Associated Press – USA
  4. Islamic Republic News Agency – Pakistan

18. Which is called “the City of Seven Hills”? – Rome

19. Where is going to be held the World Cup Football in 2022? – Qatar

20. The first Indian who was awarded the Oscar Award for lifetime achievements in Cinema was? – Satyajit Ray

21. Who was the leader of 1857 Revolt in Bareilly? – Khan Bahadur Khan

22. Which historian contests the Safety Valve Theory about the creation of Indian National Congress? – Bipan Chandra

23. To whom did Swaraj party elect its leader of Legislative Council? – Vitthalbhai Patel

24. Where was held the first Congress Session in Mumbai? – Gokuldas Tejpal College

25. Where did the revolutionaries give the titles of President to Raja Mahendra Pratap and Prime Minister to Barkatullah? – Kabul

26. Of the following who was not associated with the Azad Hind Fauj? – Balbir Singh

27. Which favoured the Partition of India? – C.R. Formula

28. Of the following, what was not done by the Colonial Government in India? – Lowered voting age to 20 years

29. What is true about the Butler Committee? – To investigate relations between the States and the British Government

30. Which is true of the Secretary of State for India under the Act of 1858? – He was a British Minister for Indian Affairs

31. On which particular issue was Lord Ripon made to compromise with his legislation? – The Ilbert Bill

32. When was the Durand Line Agreement signed with the Afghan ruler? – 1893

33. Which is not associated with B.R. Ambedkar? – Indian Scheduled Caste Party

34. When was the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry established? – 1927

35. The Servants of India Society was started was started in 1905 by: – Gopal Krishna Ghokhle

36. When did Tilak set up the ‘Home Rule League’? – 1916

37. To whom did the Constituent Assembly elect its permanent President in 1946? – Dr. Rajendra Prasad

38. V. D. Savarkar became the President of Hindu Mahasabha in? – 1937

39. Whom did Lord Mountbatten succeed as the Viceroy of India? – Lord Wavell

40. Who shot dead Sir Curzon Wyllie in London? – Madan Lal Dhingra

41. Which of the following was not published by Gandhi ji? – Free India

42. Which of the following techniques was not in the teaching of Gandhi Ji? – Revenge

43. Which of the following was not in Gandhi’s Scheme of Democracy? – Direct elections to State and Central Legislatures

44. Which of the following is not a true Satyagrahi according to Gandhi? – It was the weapon of weak

45. The oldest sect of Shaivism was? – The Pashupat

46. The ninth incarnation of Vishnu is? – The Buddha

47. Of the following, which is not true about Ram Mohan Roy? – Critic of Arya Samaj

48. Where and when was the first Singh Sabha established? – Amritsar, 1873

49. Who was not the disciple of Aabindranath Tagore, a great painter? – Ravi Verma

50. Who was the founder of Deoband School? – Rashid Ahmad Gangohi

51. What is the per hour speed of Hurricane? – Above 120 km

52. How much is the population of South Asia? – One-fourth of the world

53. Where is the largest number of Islands in India? – Bay of Bengal

54. Where is the longest coastline of India? – Gujarat

55. What is the Richter scale? – It measures the speed of earthquake

56. When was the Constitution of J&K started? – January 26, 1957

57. Which four regional languages were added in Schedule VIII in 2004, taking the number of languages to 22? – Dogri, Maithli, Bodo, Santhali

58. What is the Buffer Stock in Nations Economy? – It is the foodgrain stock (only wheat and rice) to meet the food crisis in India

59. Where is the headquarters of the BRICS Countries? –

Note: Wrong question. There is no headquarter of BRICS countries.

60. Which country has the largest number of Billionaires, according to the Forbes Magazine? – India

61. The ancient name of river Ravi was? – Parushani

62. Where is located Bara Shigri, the largest glacier? – Lahaul

63. The Wara pass is between:  Dharamshala and Chamba

64. Which of the following Rajas of Chamba has the earliest inscription? – Meru Varma

65. In which century was the first Turkish invasion taken place in Himachal Pradesh? – 11th century

66. The army of which place was disbanded by the British as a precautionary measure in 1857? – 4th Native Infantry in Kangra and Nurpur

67. Which district of Himachal Pradesh has the overall lowest literacy rate according to the Census of 2011? – Chamba

68. When is the Panch Bhisham fair celebrated at Dera Baba Rudru in Una District? – Margshirsh Poornima

69. According to the census of 2011 the Scheduled Caste population of Himachal Pradesh? – 25%

70. How many women were elected to the H.P. State Assembly in the election of 2017? – 04

71. The Lokayukta Bill was introduced in H.P. Legislative Assembly in the year? – June 1, 1983

72. How many Panchayats of Himachal Pradesh were declared backward in 2014? – 551

73. Who donated”The Hall Estate” to International Roerich Memorial Trust at Naggar? – Devika Rani

74. How much money is provided for the marriage of the daughters of widows, divorces and destitute women under Mukyamantri Kanyadan Scheme(2008-09)? – Rs. 11001

75. Which district of Himachal Pradesh has the Highest Sikh population? – Una

76. Where is Himachal Pradesh ranked in terms of Human Development Index? – Third

77. Which cities of Himachal Pradesh are qualified under the Jawaharlal Nehru National Urban Renewal Mission(2005)? – Shimla alone

78. Amrita Sher-Gill was born in? – Budapest

79. Which district of Himachal has two large cement plants? – Solan

80. Who brought the idol of Raghunathji to Kullu from Ayodhya in 1651? – Damodar Dass

81. Which Indian got the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1968? – Hargobind Khurana

82. Who was the first Women Minister of India? – Rajkumari Amrit Kaur

83. Which of the following dancers is not matched correctly?

  1. Uday Shankar – Fusion style
  2. Shambhu Maharaj – Kathak
  3. Sitara Devi – Kathak
  4. Yamini Kirshnamurthi – Odissi

84. Which of the following is the longest River Bridge in India? – M.G. Setu

85. On which river is the Hirakund Dam built? – Mahanadi

86. Which of the following Artists is not matched correctly with his musical instrument?

  1. Alauddin Khan – Sarod
  2. Shiv Kumar Sharma – Santoor
  3. Bismillah Khan – Shehnai
  4. Ali Akbar Khan – Flute

87. Of the following which is the election symbol of D.M.K.? – Rising Sun

88. Which Constitutional Amendment has reduced the voting age from 21 to 18 years? – 61st

89. How many Schedules are there in the Indian Constitution? – 12

90. What is the newest capital city of India? – Amaravati

91. The Chief Election Commissioner of India is: – Om Prakash Rawat

92. Which of the following Judges of Supreme Court has not opposed the practices of its Chief Justice? – Arjan Kumar Sikri

93. Which of the following ports is India developing for Iran? – Chabahar

94. The Chief Economic Adviser of India is: Arvind Subramaniam

95. Indian politician and former bureaucrat who won Junior Tennis Championship in 1966 and senior title in 1974, was? – Kiran Bedi

96. The Central Rice Research Institute is in? – Cuttak

97. The tagline of “Aaz Likhenge Kal’ is of which TV? – Zee TV

98. In which ratio the Indira Awas Yojna for providing dwelling units for BPL rural holds is funded by the Central and State Governments? – 75:25

99. Who is the latest Miss World of India? – Manushi Chiller

100. The Duleep Trophy is associated with the sport of? – Cricket

13 thoughts on “Naib Tehsildar Main Exam 2018 (General Studies Paper)

  1. Dilbag Singh

    BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) headquarter is situated at Shanghai, China is the correct answer of Q No. 59

  2. Changez Khan

    how CR DAS supported partition?
    he died in 1925 and idea of partition of india was started somewhere around after 1930.
    in 1940 jinnah came up with 2 nation theory.
    even in NCM (1920- 23) muslims participated in it bcz of the khilafat so how he predicted that india will face partition.

    1. Ranjana

      its CR formula not CR Das… which means C. Rajagopalachari’s formulaor or rajaji formula..

  3. Biki

    Great effort sir , I have appeared in the main and my score is 73 in this matks

    1. Anmol

      Sir please tell me what was your pre score… Along with category

    2. kartika

      hi.. could you please confirm that in mains nt gs is of multiple choice or one word?

  4. Madhu

    Longest river bridge in india is now BHUPEN HAZARIKA SETU also referred as Dhola – Sadiya bridge. it is situated in assam over Lohit river. earlier longest river bridge was M.G.Setu.

  5. Learner

    Sir, was the exam MCQ based or descriptive? Hope commission does not change pattern of exam as it did in Allied Mains GS exam.

  6. Geetanjali

    Sir please tell me Mains me gs hindi english both languages me hota h


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