Places of Religious, Historical or Archaeological importance and Places of tourist interest in District Shimla

By | June 30, 2020

Shimla district has a number of places of tourist interest. Some of these have also historical, archaeological and religious importance. A brief account of such places in the district is given as below:


  • It is situated on the left bank of the river Satluj in tehsil Seoni.
  • It is very small village but its importance is due to the powerhouse which was commissioned sometimes in 1910.
  • This powerhouse supplies electricity and water pumping house which supply water to Shimla town is located at Guma.
  • Apart from a primary school, a post office, dispensary and rest house are also located in the village.


  • It is about 13 km. from Shimla on National Highway No. 22. This village has brought Himachal Pradesh on the sports map of the country because of the thrilling winter sports of skiing.
  • Winter Sports Club is functioning since 1953.
  • The club has a spacious house with dormitory accommodation.
  • The club provides skiis, boots and toboggans to the skiing lovers.
  • Apart from the clubhouse reservation of the accommodation can be made through the Himachal Pradesh Tourist Information Office, Shimla in Indira Holiday Home.
  • During winter the climate is severe cold. However, during summer it is pleasant.


  • It is situated at a distance of 25 km. from Shimla on Shimla-Seoni road.
  • The place is famous for the Golf course and has acquired prominence as a picnic spot.
  • During the British regime, this golf course was reportedly developed by Lord Curzon.
  • He admired the beauty of the place so much that he named his daughter ‘Naldehra’.
  • Only a few years back the Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation has taken over the place which is getting a facelift against the charming pine and fur grooves.


  • It is situated at a distance of 64 kms. from Shimla on National Highway No.22.
  • It is about 2,900 metres above the mean sea level.
  • This place is very famous for the tourist centre.
  • Nearby Hattu peak which is about 3,300 metres from the mean sea level is a panoramic picnic spot and place for an outing.
  • The top of the peak commands a joyful view of the eternal snow line of the Himalayas towards the north.
  • The area around the peak is full of dense forests and numbers of wildlife species are inhabited there.
  • It has all the facilities required by the tourist like Circuit House, P.W.D. Rest House, Tourist Bungalow and refreshment shops.
  • The place is also famous for winter sports of skiing.


  • Rampur town is situated on the left bank of the Satluj at an elevation of about 800 metres from the mean sea level and is 132 kms. from Shimla on National Highway No. 22.
  • It serves the headquarters of the sub-division and tahsil of the same name.
  • It is very old town surrounded by cliffs which confine the area and render the place very hot in the summer.
  • Rampur is a well-known trade centre. Lavi, the biggest trade fair in the Himachal Pradesh is held here in the 2nd week of November every year which attracts thousands of people and traders from far off places.
  • In the fair shawls, ‘chaddar’, raw wool, ‘chilgoza’, dry fruits and ponies are sold by the traders of Kinnaur.
  • There is also an ancient Tibetan temple with a gigantic prayer wheel and a temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and Laxmi Narain.
  • The palaces of the ex-ruler add to the beauty of the town.
  • There is a College, High School, Hospital, Rest House, Post and Telegraph Office and Police Station in the town.


  • This place is about 45 kms. north of Rampur and is about 2,400 metres high above the mean sea level.
  • The village lies on the old Hindustan Tibet road.
  • Site of the village is fine being beautiful wooded recess formed by the hills advancing round it in a semi-circle behind while in front they slope down to the mighty Satluj.
  • The place is famous for its historical temple of Bhimakali.
  • The temple building is very remarkable. In ancient times human sacrifices used to be offered to Bhimakali.
  • There is a rest house commanding a panoramic view of rolling fields and rising hills which adds to the beauty of this village.
  • There is a Post Office, High School, Library and Dispensary in the village.


  • It is about 130 kms. from north of Shimla accessible by bus and serves the headquarters of the sub-division and tahsil of the same name.
  • It has a Nagar Panchayat and this town lies on the right bank of the Pabbar River.
  • The river offers many fishing ponds.
  • Chirgaon (16 kms. from Rohru) is famous for the breeding of Trout fish.
  • Many sportsmen visit this place for angling.
  • In Rohru apart from the government offices, there is a Rest House, High School, Post and Telegraph Office and Police Station.


  • This place is about 17 kms. from Narkanda.
  • Previously old Hindustan-Tibet road used to pass a little above the village.
  • The village and its surroundings are famous for delicious varieties of apple and cherry orchards.
  • The pioneer of apple, late Shri Satyanand Stokes is still remembered by the people.
  • There is a mission of church missionary society.
  • There is also a High School, a Hospital, Post Office and a Rest House in the village apart from a number of government offices.


  • This place is about 115 kms. on Shimla-Rohru road and is about 1,200 metres above the mean sea level.
  • The Pabbar river flows along the side of this village.
  • This village is famous for Durga temple which is very ancient.
  • People from far off places come and pay their homage to the goddess.
  • During Navratras, there is a huge crowd in the village.
  • The place commands a panoramic view of the surrounding high hills and dense forests.


  • Shimla’s climate, easy accessibility, well-developed tourist facilities and numerous attractions have made it as one of India’s most popular tourist resort.
  • The town is located at an altitude of 2,130 metres.
  • To the north, awesome snow ranges race across the horizon.
  • The surrounding hills are covered with lush green forests of Oak, rhododendron, cedar and pine.
  • The elegant Mall, with its rows of restaurants, fashionable shops and colonial architecture, is one place where every tourist passes through.
  • The ridge holds the neo-gothic structure of christ church.
  • The town’s other important church is St. Michael’s Cathedral- which is just off the Mall.
  • Away from the crowds, is the magnificent English renaissance structure of the former Viceregal Lodge- now the Indian Institute of Advanced Study.
  • Form Boileauganj, near the Institute, begins the climb to the temple of ‘Kamana Devi’ on Prospect Hill.
  • The town’s foundation head Jakhoo is vantage point for witnessing the magnificent play of colour as the sun rises and sets.
  • The summit is crowned with a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman.
  • Just short of Shimla are the temples of Tara Devi and Sankat Mochan while within the town Kali Bari is famous.

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