Places of religious, historical or archaeological importance and tourist interest in District Kinnaur

By | June 25, 2020

There are many places in Kinnaur district which can be historically and archeologically considered significant mentioned ahead.

Morang and Labrang forts:

  • These historical forts are believed to have been constructed by Pandavas during exile.

Kamru Fort:

  • The fort of Kamru has its importance as the Raja of the erstwhile state of Bushahr used to take shelter at the time of need.


  • Almost every village in Kinnaur district has a temple that is taller in size than local houses and one cannot afford to ignore immaculate wood carvings on these temples which are centuries old.


  • In the upper Kinnaur, almost all villages have the Buddhist monasteries called Gompa.
  • These monasteries have clay statues of Lord Buddha and their walls are decorated with rare religious paintings.

Baspa or Sangla valley:

  • This is the most beautiful valley in Kinnaur district.
  • The valley is richly cultivated.
  • It has green pasture lands on both sides and the meadows near the valley are full of flowers and fruit trees.
  • The thrilling lofty, rugged mountains and enchanting lush green valleys in the district have great potential for attracting the tourists, nature lovers & trekkers.


  • Kinner- Kailash is a very ancient religious place dedicated to God Shiva.
  • It is situated at an altitude of 6,473 metres above mean sea level.
  • This region is very rugged and mountainous.
  • It remains covered with snow.
  • People perform religious journey around the hills during the summer.

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