Solved Paper Child Development & Project Officer (CDPO) Main Exam 2018 [Part-2]- HPPSC Shimla

By | February 23, 2019

31. Which of the following rivers of H.P. was called the ‘Hydraster’and also, ‘Rhouadis’ by the Alexander’s historians?

  1. Swan River
  2. Beas
  3. Ravi
  4. Chenab

32. The glacier which caused great havoc in Chadra Valley in 1936 and formed a large lake known as ‘Chandertal’ was

  1. Bara Shigri
  2. Taragiri
  3. Gyephang
  4. Mulkkila

33. Which of the following passes is located above the confluence of Ropa and Chuktayanjan rivulets?

  1. Hamta Pass
  2. Sach Pass
  3. Cheni Pass
  4. Manirang Pass

34. What is the population of H.P. in the age group of 0 to 6 years as per the 2011 census?

  1. 7,77,898
  2. 8,87,789
  3. 9,87,879
  4. 9,98,877

35. Which famous temple of Himachal Pradesh is believed to be constructed in 1204 A.D. by two merchants ‘Ahuka’ and Manyuka’?

  1. Trilokinath
  2. Baijnath
  3. Masroor
  4. Hatkoti

36. The Buddhist temple of Avalokiteshwara situated above the confluence of Chandra and Bhaga rivers in village ‘Tupchiling’ is known as :

  1. Trilokinath
  2. Guru Ghantal
  3. Kardang
  4. Tayul

37. Who amongst the following is considered one of the great masters of Pahari Miniature Painting during the reign of Raja Sansar Chand of Kangra?

  1. Nikka
  2. Manaku
  3. Nainsukh
  4. Kaushala

38. The manuscript written in a golden word found in ‘Tholag’ village is in which district of H.P.?

  1. Kinnaur
  2. Kullu
  3. Lahaul and Spiti
  4. Chamba

39. The mention of earliest inhabitants of Himachal, ‘Dassas’,’Nishads’ and ‘Dashyas’ etc. are found in which book?

  1. Brahmins
  2. Puranas
  3. Ramayana
  4. Rigveda

40. Who were the second race to enter Himachal area around 3rd millennium B.C.?

  1. Dasyus
  2. Dasas
  3. Aryans
  4. Bhotas

41. The first Historical mention of Trigarta was found in the writings of Sanskrit scholar who called it a confederation of six states known as ‘Trigarta Shasthas’. Name the scholar.

  1. Kalidas
  2. Panini
  3. Vishakha Dutt
  4. Varahmihir

42.‘Bahadur fort’ in Bilaspur District located above mean sea level was the summer abode of:

  1. Raja Bhim Chand
  2. Raja Mohan Chand
  3. Raja Bijai Chand
  4. Raja Anand Chand

43. Name the ruler of Chamba, who completed the Chamba-Bharmaur road up to toe twentieth mile and the same was carried on to “Kiani” with a suspension bridge over the Ravi:

  1. Raja Ram Singh
  2. Raja Udai Singh
  3. Raja “Meru Verman”
  4. Raja Sahil Verman

44. According to Cunningham, the first historical notice of ‘Jalandhara’ is called ‘Kalindarine’, which is found in the works of Ptolemy’ who was a:

  1. Greek Geographer
  2. British Traveller
  3. French Historian
  4. German Historian

45.‘Paprolo’, ‘Landoh’ and ‘Rajjer’ were the territories of which state?

  1. Siba
  2. Datarpur
  3. Banghal
  4. Guler

46. Who was the first European to visit Kullu on his way to Ladakh in 1820 A.D.?

  1. Cunningham
  2. Moorcraft
  3. Major Mcleod
  4. Henry Lawrance

47. Who made the revenue settlement of Spiti in September, 1847?

  1. Walter Gilbert
  2. Major Hay
  3. Harry Smith
  4. Vans Agnews

48. Ved Ram Thakur, a master weaver having his private entrepreneurship, joined Bhuttico in 1956 on the motivation of:

  1. Gurcharan Singh
  2. Bansi Lal Padha
  3. Rennick
  4. Lal Chand Prarthi

49. The four villages, ‘Barkalanak’, ‘Mooling’, ‘Shipting’ and ‘Gushal’ were paying revenue to which state when Moorcraft passed through Lahaul in 1820

  1. State of Tibet
  2. State of Ladakh
  3. State of Kullu
  4. State of Chamba

50. ‘Shehni’, ‘Ghure’ and ‘Garphi’ are the traditional dance forms of which district of H.P. ?

  1. Kinnaur
  2. Una
  3. Mandi
  4. Lahaul-Spiti

51.The Governor General/viceroy who came to the Shimla town along with the member s of Supreme Council and it became the formal seat of the summer Capital of British Govt. of India?

  1. Lord Dalhousie
  2. Lord Ripon
  3. Lord Lawrence
  4. Lord Canning

52. The only hill state founded by the descendants of Prithvi Raj Chauhan descendants of Prithvi Raj Chauhan was:

  1. Delath
  2. Dhami
  3. Tharoch
  4. Balson

53. The Kalka-Shimla railway line was constructed under the supervision of which of the following British engineer?

  1. M. S. Harrington
  2. Hennery Irwin
  3. Howard Russel
  4. Alexander Gerrad

54. The district in its present form which comprises of the erstwhile princely states of Bhaghal, Baghat, Mangal, Beja, Mohlog, Hindur and parts of Keonthal and Koti is:

  1. Shimla
  2. Sirmaur
  3. Solan
  4. Bilaspur

55. Which of the following was not the main demand of ‘Kunihar struggle’ started by Kunihar Praja Mandal?

  1. Release of political workers
  2. 25% reduction in the land revenue
  3. To lift the ban imposed upon the Praja Mandal
  4. Abolition of Begar

56.In 1927, who amongst the following took a pledge to wear only black clothes until the country becomes free?

  1. Thakur Hazara Singh
  2. Baba Kanshi Ram
  3. Padam Dev
  4. Bhag Mal Sautha

57. To initiate the process of cordial relations and for publicizing government activities department of Public Relations was established in the year?

  1. 1952
  2. 1956
  3. 1954
  4. 1966

58. Which famous school of Shimla was based on the model of ‘Winchester, Rugby and Marlborough’ schools of England?

  1. Edward School
  2. Bishop Cotton School
  3. Thomas School
  4. Auckland House School

59.At the time of formation of Kinnaur District how many villages of Rampur tehsil were added to it?

  1. 26
  2. 14
  3. 20
  4. 10

60. In the year 2006 in H.P. Government created two more specialities in the State Forensic Science Laboratory, they are:

  1. DNA Profiling and NDPS division
  2. Documents and Photography
  3. Serology and Chemistry
  4. Biology and Toxicology

61. When was the Shimla Municipality designated Category-1 status?

  1. 26th January, 1950
  2. 15th April, 1948
  3. 31st July, 1871
  4. 1st November, 1907

62. The snow Leopard Centre at Kibber in H.P. is the second only in the world, which is set up on the pattern of the following country:

  1. Japan
  2. Mongolia
  3. South Korea
  4. Canada

63. ‘Self Portrait’, Black Nude, ‘Sitting Nude’ and ‘Women on a Charpoy’ are the works of which famous painter?

  1. Roerich
  2. Ervin Baklay
  3. Amrita Shergil
  4. Norah Richards

64. Christ Church in Shimla is built in which of the following architecture style?

  1. Neo-Gothic style.
  2. Italianate style
  3. Neo-classical style
  4. Victorian style

65. Name the place which was the capital of Baba Banda Bahadur Bairagi from where he started Khalsa coin?

  1. Bhangani
  2. Quila Lohgarh
  3. Dharamkot
  4. Barotiwala

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