Solved Paper HP Subordinate Allied Services Exam 2018 (Part-3)

By | April 30, 2018

131. The lowest rainfall in the world is recorded in the desert of? – Atacama

132. The lowest temperature in India is recorded at? – Dras

133. The highest annual range of temperature is recorded at? – Takutsk

134. Hail generally forms within the? – Cumulonimbus clouds

135. Which of the following are not mammals? – Mackerel and tunny

136. The widest continental shelf is found in the? – Arctic Ocean

137. The highest salinity is found which of the following lakes? – Lake Van

138. The highest tides in the world occur in the? – Gulf of Funday

139. The Gulf of Papua lies in the? – South Pacific Ocean

140. Which one of the following is not a carnivore? – Sea dragon, Seal, Seal lion and Walrus (All are carnivores)

Note: This question is wrong

141. International Tsunami Information Centre is in? – Honolulu

142. Area of Indian coastline which is vulnerable to storm surges, cyclones and Tsunamis is? – 5700 km

143. The chairman of the National Disaster Management Authority is? – Prime Minister

144. The term Cyclone is derived from? – Greek Word

145. In which month in India, Floods are likely to occur? – June – September

146. Tsunamis can occur only during? – Any time in day or night

147. United Nations Disaster Management Team is responsible for solving problem resulting from disaster in? – In all continents

148. How many of 35 36 Indian States and Union Territories are disaster-prone? – 25 28

149. Number of human live lost during 1980-2010 due to natural and induced hazards in India? – 1,43,039

150. 11-3-2012 marked one year since an earthquake and Tsunami killed thousands of people in? – Japan

151. Human eye is most sensitive to visible light of wavelength? – 5500 Å

152. Velocity of light is maximum in? – Vaccum

153. A light year is? – The distance travelled by light in one year in vaccum

154. A laser is a source of? – Light

155. A rear view mirror of a car is? – Convex

156. An air bubble in water behaves as? – Divergent lens

157. Rainbow is seen due to? – Dispersion of sun light

158. A convex lens is used to correct? – Long-sight defect

159. Objects are visible in light due to? – Scattering

160. Fingerprints on paper are identified by sprinkling the fluorescent powder on it and observing it under? – Ultraviolet light

161. Lightning rods are made of? – Metal

162. In an ordinary dry cell, the electrolyte is? – Ammonium chloride

163. Power is transmitted from a powerhouse on high voltage a.c. because? – It is more economical due to less power wastage

164. Best material for permanent magnet is? – Alnico

165. Frequency of ac mains in India is? – 50 Hz

166. Medium frequency band stands for? – 300-3000 MHz

167. Approximate height of ozone layer above the ground is? – 15-50 km

168. Waves used for telecommunication are? – Microwaves

169. The size of an atom is of the order of? – 1 Å

170. The process of superimposing signal frequency on the carrier wave is known as? – Modulation

171. Which of the following has the maximum time of revolution around the sun? – Pluto

172. The galaxy in which we live is? – Spiral

173. The name black hole is given because? – Its gravity is so high that it prevents even light to rediate into space

174. The wavelength of X-rays is of the order of? – 1 Å

175. The energy of a photon of wavelength ƛ is? – hcλ

176. One cannot see through fog because? – Light is scattered by the droplets in fog 

177. Energy in a current carrying coil is stored in the form of? –  Magnetic field

178. The twinkling of stars is due to? – The fact that refractive index of the earth’s atmosphere is used for measurement

179. Up to which temperature, the mercury thermometer is used for measurement? – 360 degree celcius

180. Iron needle floats on the surface of water. Its reason is? – Surface tension

181. The male literacy rate of Himachal Pradesh in 2011 census was about: – 90%

182. Excluding the one rupee note, whose signature is found on other Indian currency notes? – RBI Governor 

183. Arrange these cities in ascending order of population as per 2011 census? – Hydrabad, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai

184. When was the first finance commission formed in India? – 1951

185. Match the education level with unemployment rate as per census 2011? – I & II

186. In which of the following years did India’s exports grow the fastest? – 2016-17

187. What were India’s GDP growth rates in the respective first and second quarters of 2017-18? – 5.7% and 6.3%

188. Who received the Nobel Prize in Economics in 2017? – Thaler

189. In which month of 2014 was “Make in India” started? – September

190. Which countries form BRICS? – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa

191. World Population Day falls every year on? – 11th July

192. Forest Research in India is under the jurisdiction of? – ICFRE

193. Cauvery River Water dispute is between? – Karnataka and Tamilnadu

194. The conservation project for which of the following species being run at Kedarnath forest of UP? – Musk deer

195. What are the three ”R” for a clean environment? – Recycle, Reuse and Reduce

196. Which energy development agency has launched an ambitious programme to mobilize children as Urza Rakshak? – Development Authority

197. The best material for absorption of noise is? – Glass wool

198. The female fertility in India is targeted to a limit of? – 2

199. Which of these represent the source and sink of river Ganga? – Gangotri- Gangasagar

200. The famous book ”The Ascent of Man” is written by? – J. Bronowski

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