Solved Paper Junior Engineer Civil 2018 [Part-3] – HPSSC Hamirpur

By | December 7, 2018

111. The aggregate impact value of for road aggregate determined by using and inspect testing machine was found to be 25%. The type of road metal will be categorised as:

  1. Strong
  2. Weak
  3. Satisfy
  4. Exceptionally strong

112. While during Highway alignment and survey the most appropriate first stage of route selection is

  1. Map study
  2. Reconnaissance survey
  3. Recci
  4. Preliminary survey

113. The amount of camber provided in highway surface located in an area having light rainfall is 1 in 60. The most appropriate Road surface corresponding to the provide camber will be?

  1. WBM
  2. Cement concrete
  3. Earthen
  4. Thin bituminous surface

114. Type of frictional force that divides between mating surface with subjected to external force and there is relative motion between them is known as.

  1. Static friction
  2. Angular friction
  3. Relative friction
  4. Dynamic Friction

115. The height of free fall of cup while determining liquid limit by using carssgrand’s liquid limit device should be?

  1. 1 cm
  2. 0.5 cm
  3. 2 CM
  4. 1.5 CM 

116. Dry density of soil simple having bulk density 2.24g / cm³ and water cement 12% is.

  1. 2%
  2. 2.0g/cm³
  3. 0.5%
  4. 5.0g / cm³ 

117. The shear strength of a soil sample with cohesion = 60kN/m², angle of shearing resistance= 45° and normal stress on soil 50kN/m² will be.

  1. 10 kN/m²
  2. 110 kN/m²
  3. 1.2 kN/m²
  4. 120kN/m²

118. The bearing of a line AB 162° -30′ and angle ABC is 115°-15′. The bearing of line BC will be.

  1. 277°-45′
  2. 97°-45′
  3. 47°-15′
  4. 295°15′

119. The backside taken on a BM (RL 500.000m) was 3.415 m . The fore side taken on the next A was 2.125m. The RL of point A will be .

  1. 415m
  2. 502. 125m
  3. 505. 540m
  4. 501. 290m

120. A road actually 2600 metre long was found to be 2580 metre when measured with a defective 30 M chain the correction required for the chain will be.

  1. + 23.3 CM
  2. – 23.3 CM
  3. + 20.0 CM
  4. – 20.0 CM

121. When several contour line coincide, they indicate a

  1. Ridge
  2. Valley
  3. Vertical Cliff
  4. Overhanging Cliff

122. For an activity, optimistic time is 2 day, pessimistic time is 8 day and most likely time is 5 day, the expected time for completion of that activity by using PERT will be

  1. 5 day
  2. 5 day
  3. 3.75 day
  4. 3.57 day

123. The most appropriate term used for the amount which is issued to a subordinate officer so that he could make petty payment of specific nature while executing work under his change is.

  1. Cash
  2. Advance
  3. Imprest
  4. Credit

124. The full form of TQM in context of basic of management is

  1. Technical quantity management
  2. Technical quality management
  3. Total quantity management
  4. Total quality management

125. The development diet meet to need of the present without compromising the ability of future generation to meet their own need is known as

  1. Good development
  2. Sustainable development
  3. Future development
  4. Smart development

126. The most appropriate technical term used for the building that uses Sun’s energy for the heating and cooling for living spaces is called.

  1. Sun friendly
  2. Solar passive
  3. Solar intensive
  4. None of these 

127. Stair having its bottom flight by which is divided into two narrow flights at the landing at right angle to the opposite direction is called.

  1. Dividing stair
  2. Open Well stair
  3. Bifurcating stair
  4. Assembly stair

128. The full length of a brick bill cannot we will eat at a time. the best poses of sitting back each successive course of this wall is known as.

  1. Two thing
  2. Raking back
  3. Blocking jointing
  4. Joint setting

129. The scaffolding in which two row of standard are provided is known as.

  1. Brick layer’s scaffolding
  2. Double scaffolding
  3. mason’s scaffolding
  4. Both (a ) and (b)

130. A sloping roof having slope in four directions with a break in the slope is known as.

  1. Break roof
  2. Mansard roof
  3. Gambler roof
  4. Hopped roof

131. The clear horizontal distance between the inner faces of the two rails forming a railway track is known as

  1. Formation width
  2. Carriageway
  3. Gauge
  4. Face width

132. A hole of considerable size driven in the face of a proposed Tunnel is called.

  1. Tunnel
  2. Soft
  3. Adit
  4. Drift

133. An important property which an earthquake resistant construction must process is.

  1. Flexibility
  2. Durability
  3. Brittleness
  4. All of these

134. In context of earthquake analyses the top stories of a building are subjected to.

  1. Smaller forces
  2. Some forces as other story
  3. Larger force is
  4. None of these

135. The unit of measurement for providing extension or contraction joint in a structure is.

  1. Metre
  2. Square metre
  3. Each
  4. No

136. The incidental expenses of miscellaneous nature which cannot be classified under any distinct subhead yet pertains to the work as a whole is termed as.

  1. Exisgencies
  2. Contingencies
  3. Incidences
  4. Both a and c

137. In analysis of rates, the quantity of dry mortar for 10 M³ of brick work is taken as.

  1. 1m³
  2. 0.1m³
  3. 0.3m³
  4. 3m³ 

138. Match list 1 with List 2:

List 1.                                          List 2.
P. Section modulus                 1. tension
Q . Principal plan                    2 slop
R. Fixed End                             3. Shear stress
S. Middle third rule                4. Strength of section

Code:  P      Q       R       S

  1. 4        3       2        1
  2. 3        1       4        2
  3. 4        1       2        3
  4. 4        2       3        1

139. A beam is simply supported at end on a span of 4 m and carries a u.d.i. of 3 kN/m on the whole span. If deflection at the center of the name is it Mini the flexible rigidity of the beam section is

  1. 1520
  2. 1250
  3. 1200
  4. 960 

140. If a young modulus of elasticity of a material is 210 GN/m² and stress of is 210 N/mm² the strain in the material section will be.

  1. 100
  2. 0.010
  3. 0.001
  4. 0.011

141. In order to draw parallel lines, construct circle and parallel curves, command used in auto CAD is

  1. Array
  2. Parallel
  3. copy
  4. Offset 

142. The popular software used for Structure Analysis and Design the Civil Engineering structure is.

  1. PRO

143. The most commonly used admixture which prolong the setting and Harding time of concrete is.

  1. Acceleration
  2. Re traders
  3. Plasticizes
  4. Air entraining agency 

144. When kept in upright position. the dimensions of centimeter of the slump cone used for determining work ability by slump test are

  1. 10,20,30
  2. 10,30,20
  3. 30,20,10
  4. 20,30,10

145. The type of cement most commonly available in open market in Himachal Pradesh is

  1. OPC
  2. White cement
  3. Fiber cement
  4. PPC

146. Addition of too much water in the concrete may Cause.

  1. Lower density
  2. Excessive laitance
  3. Segregation
  4. All of these

147. The difference in level between the top of the canal bank and supply level in a

  1. Freeboard
  2. Berm
  3. Supply Depth
  4. Height of bank

148. When NSL is below the bed level, the typical cross section of the canal will be

  1. Fully in cutting
  2. Partly in cutting and partly in filling
  3. Fully in feeling
  4. None of these

149. Run-off increase with

  1. Increases in infiltration capacity
  2. Increases in permeability of soil
  3. Increases in intensity of rain
  4. All of these

150. Egg shaped sewer are generally preferred over the circular seawer .The most appropriate reason is.

  1. They avoid acidic effect of sewage.
  2. They have the advantage of developing self-cleansing velocity near the base.
  3. They are less leaky.
  4. They are easy to build

151. In the building drawing, for a land bearing brick wall of 300 mm thickness, the depth of concrete block by using the rule of thumb may be taken as.

  1. 200 mm
  2. 225 mm
  3. 250 mm
  4. 275 mm

152. In a building, The water closest is provided for :

  1. Receiving human excreta
  2. Closing the supply of water
  3. Storing the water to be used for flushing
  4. None of these

153. The treatment of water which is only works on biological principal is called.

  1. Primary treatment
  2. Pressure treatment
  3. desisting treatment
  4. secondary treatment

154. The important parameters to be considered for selecting A pipe for water distribution is/are.

  1. Pressure of water the pipe
  2. Carrying capacity of pipe
  3. Durability of Pipe
  4. All of these

155. As per IS:1172 , the domestic demand (in litres) of water day. Under normal condition. For a family of 4 member will be.

  1. 540
  2. 520
  3. 500
  4. 480

156. The impurities due to which water gets taste, odour, color and turbidity generally comes under the category.

  1. Physics
  2. Chemical
  3. Bacteriological
  4. Biological

157. Simply supported beam is having a clear span of 4m. Support width is 400 mm, overall depth of beam is 450 mm and effective cover is 50 mm the effective span of the beam (as in a limit state method) will be

  1. 4000 mm
  2. 4200 mm
  3. 4400 mm
  4. 4700 mm

158. If the area of Steel to provided along short span of and RCC slab is 560 mm² and dia. Bars to be provided is 10 mm, the centre to Centre spacing of bars (in mm and in multiply of 10) will be

  1. 140 MM
  2. 130 mm
  3. 120 mm
  4. 112 mm 

159. A Truss member consists of ISA 100*75*8 mm connected to a gazette played by using Reverted connection .The gross dia. Of rivet in the design of riveted joint may be taken as.

  1. 14.5 mm
  2. 18 mm
  3. 19.5 mm
  4. 20 mm

160. The following diagram shows a pin jointed Steel Truss the force in the member DE will be

  1. Zero
  2. 2 kN tensile
  3. 2 kN compressive
  4. 3kN tensile

161. Step in the new project work follow:

  1. Location of final alignment, Map study, reconnaissance survey, pre. Survey,detailed survey.
  2. Map, study, reconnaissance survey, preliminary survey, the location of final alignment, detailed survey
  3. Location of final alignment, map, study, reconnaissance survey ,detailed survey
  4. None of these

162. Transition curve has a radius which.

  1. Increased from the Infinity at the tangent point to design radius of the circular curve.
  2. Decrease from The Infinite at the tangent. To the design radius of the circular curve
  3. Decrease from the zero at the tangent. Point to a design radius of the circular shape
  4. None of these

163. A vehicle has a wheel base of 6 metres. What will be the off tracking while negotiating a curved path of mean radius 30 metres.

  1. 8 m
  2. 0.6 m
  3. 0.2 m
  4. 0.1 m

164. The free means speed on a road way is found to be 80 km per hour, under stopped condition the average spacing between the vehicle is 10 M, what will be the capacity flows.

  1. 2000 veh/hour(per lane)
  2. 800 veh/hour(per lane)
  3. 3200 veh/hour(per lane)
  4. 2900 veh/hour(per lane)

165. The shape and color of speed limit sign board are.

  1. Circular and having white background, red border and black numerals, including speed limit
  2. Circular and having white background, black border and black numerals, including speed limit
  3. Triangular and having white background, red border and black numerals, including speed limit
  4. Circular and having blue background, red border and black numerals, including speed limit

166. Function of tie member in CC pavement is.

  1. To ensure two adjacent slab to remain fully together and not designed to act as law transfer device.
  2. To ensure two adjacent slab to remain fully together and designed act as Lord transfer device
  3. To ensure two adjacent slab to remain independent and not designed to act as lord transfer device
  4. To ensure two adjacent flat slab to remain independent and designed to act as load transfer device

167. The angle between the direction of star and the direction of Earth’s Axis rotation is called.

  1. Co- latitude
  2. Co declination
  3. Declination
  4. None of these

168. The station via observation are not made but the angle at the station are used in triangular series is known as.

  1. Satellite Station
  2. Pivot station
  3. Main station
  4. Subsidiary station

169. Which of the below joints is used for masonry in arches.

  1. Butt
  2. Dowel
  3. Table
  4. Rebated

170. To ensure the Sporting area of an offset footing of a boundary wall is fully compression the CG of Load must act.

  1. At the center of the base
  2. Within the middle fifth of the base
  3. With in the middle third of the base
  4. None of these

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