Solved Paper Junior Engineer (JE) Mechanical 2018 [Part-2] – HPSSC Hamirpur

By | October 22, 2018

56. The bending moment at the free end of a cantilever beam is

  1. Zero
  2. Minimum
  3. Maximum
  4. Average

57. When the shear force diagram is a parabolic curve between two points it indicates that there is a

  1. Point load at two points
  2. No loading between the two points
  3. Uniformly distributed load between the two points.
  4. Uniformly varying load between the two points

58. The maximum production of small and slender parts is done by

  1. Sliding head stock automatic lathe
  2. Capastan lathe
  3. Multispindle automatic lathe
  4. None of these

59. Buckling load for a given column depends upon

  1. Area of cross-section of the column
  2. Length and radius of gyration of the column
  3. Modulus of elasticity for the material of the column
  4. All of these

60. A column that failure due to direct stress is called

  1. Short column
  2. Long column
  3. Weak column
  4. Medium column

61. The Rankine’s constant for mild steel column with both ends hinged is

  1. 1/750
  2. 1/1600
  3. 1/7500
  4. 1/9000

62. Which of the following is case hardening process?

  1. Carburising
  2. Cycaniding
  3. Nitriding
  4. All of these

63. The type of space lattice found in gamma-iron is

  1. Face centred cubic space lattice
  2. Body centred cubic space lattice
  3. Closed packed hexagonal space lattice
  4. None of these

64. The main task of battery in automobile is to

  1. Supply electricity to the alternator
  2. Act as a reservoir or stabilizer of the electricity
  3. Supply electricity to the vehicle’s electrical system at all times while the engine is running
  4. Supply a large amount of power to turn the starter motor when the engine is being started

65. The unit of overall co-efficient of heat transfer is

  1. W/m2K
  2. W/m2
  3. w/mk
  4. w/m

66. Reynolds number is Rn given by

  1. Pv^2L/U
  2. pV^2L^2/U
  3. pvl/U
  4. none of these

67. In the psychometric chart specific humidity (moisture content) lines are

  1. Vertical and uniformly spaced
  2. Horizontal and uniformly spaced
  3. Horizontal and non-uniformly spaced
  4. Curved lined

68. Mechanical efficiency of a centrifugal pump is the ratio of

  1. Energy available at the impeller to the energy supplied to the pump by the prime mover
  2. Actual work done by the pump to the energy supplied to the pump by the prime mover
  3. Energy supplied to the pump to the energy available at the impeller
  4. Manometric head to the energy supplied by the impeller per kN of water

69. The flow in a pipe or channel is said to be uniform when

  1. The liquid particles at all sections have the same velocities
  2. The liquid particles at different sections have the different velocities
  3. The quantity of liquid flowing per second is constant
  4. Each liquid particle has definite path

70. Which of the following statement is correct?

  1. In a compressible flow, the volume of the flowing liquid changes during the flow
  2. A flow in which the volume of the flowing liquid does not change is called incompressible flow.
  3. When the particles rotate about their own axes while flowing the flows called rotational flow.
  4. All of these

71. Head developed by the centrifugal pump is

  1. Proportional to diameter of impeller
  2. Proportional to speed of impeller
  3. Proportional to diameter and speed of impeller
  4. None of these

72. Specific speed (N) of centrifugal pump is given by

  1. N √Q/H^2/3
  2. N √Q/H^3/4
  3. N √Q/H
  4. N √Q/H^5/4

73. The height of Watt’s governor is

  1. Directly proportional to speed
  2. Directly proportional to (speed)^2
  3. Inversely proportional to speed
  4. Inversely proportional to (speed) ^2

74. The rate of heat flow through a body is Q= kA(T1-T2)/x the term x/kA is known as

  1. Thermal co-efficient
  2. Thermal resistance
  3. Thermal conductivity
  4. None of these

75. Nusselt number (Nn) is given by

  1. Nn= hl/k
  2. Nn=uCp/k
  3. Nn=pvl/u
  4. Nn=V2/t.Cp

76. The shell o Cochran boiler is made hemispherical

  1. To give maximum space and strength
  2. To withstand the pressure of steam inside the boiler
  3. Both (A) and (B)
  4. None of these

77. Lancashire boiler is

  1. Stationary ire tube boiler
  2. Internally fire tube boiler
  3. Horizontal boiler
  4. All of these

78. Locomotive boiler is

  1. Single tube horizontal externally fired and stationary boiler
  2. Single tube, vertical, externally fired and stationary boiler
  3. Multi-tubular, horizontal, internal fired mobile boiler
  4. Multi tubular, horizontal, externally fired and stationary boiler

79. A Nozzle is said to convergent nozzle

  1. When the cross-section of the nozzle  increases continuously from entrance to exit
  2. When the cross-section of the nozzle decrease continuously from an entrance to exit
  3. When the cross-section of the nozzle first decreases from entrance to throat and then increase its throat to exit
  4. None of these

80. The purpose of governing in the steam turbine is to

  1. Maintain the speed of the turbine reduce the effective heat drop
  2. Reheat the steam and improve its quality
  3. Completely balance against end thrust
  4. Completely balance against end thrust

81. The effect of bleeding is that

  1. It increases the thermodynamic efficiency of the turbine
  2. Boiler is supplied with hot water
  3. It decrease the power developed by the turbine
  4. All of these

82. The brown smoke during the operation of a Bessemer converter indicates that the

  1. Air is burning out silicon and manganese
  2. Silicon and manganese has burnt and carbon has started oxidizing
  3. The converter must be tilted to remove the contents of the converter run at high speed
  4. The brown smoke does not occur during the operation of a Bessemer converter.

83. A leaf spin in automobile is used

  1. To apply forces
  2. To measure forces
  3. To absorb shock
  4. To store strain energy

84. Deep groove ball bearings are used for

  1. Heavy thrust load only
  2. Small angular displacement
  3. Radial load at high speed
  4. Combined thrust and radial loads at high speeds

85. In basic Bessemer, the furnace is lined with

  1. Silica bricks
  2. A mixture of tar and burnt dolomite bricks
  3. Either (A) or ((B)
  4. None of these

86. The chart which gives an estimate about the amount of materials handling between various work station is known as

  1. Flow chart
  2. Process chart
  3. Travel chart
  4. Operation chart

87. Which of the following is the principles of material handling?

  1. Keep all handling minimum
  2. Select only efficient handling equipment
  3. Move the heaviest weight to the least distance
  4. All of these

88. Scheduling

  1. Prescribes the sequence of operations to be followed
  2. Determines the programme for the operations
  3. Is concerned with the starting of process
  4. Regulate the process of job through various processes

89. In manufacturing management the term “ dispatching” is used to describe

  1. Dispatch of sales order
  2. Dispatch of factory mail
  3. Dispatch of finished product of the user
  4. Dispatch of the work orders through shop floor

90. Value analysis is particular of interest when

  1. Jobbing work economics are involved
  2. Production is large
  3. Only a few components are involved
  4. Costly equipment is used

91. Which of the following chart gives simultaneously information about the progress of the work and machine loading?

  1. Process chart
  2. Machine load chart
  3. Man-machine chart
  4. Gantt chart

92. Hydraulic ram is device used to

  1. To store energy of water
  2. Increase the pressure of water
  3. To lift water from deep well
  4. To lift a small quantity of water to a greater height when a large quantity of water is available at smaller height

93. According to the law of moments, if a number of coplanar force acting on a particle are in equilibrium then

  1. Their algebraic sum is zero
  2. Their lines of action ate at equal distances
  3. The algebraic sum of their moments about any point in their plane is zero
  4. The algebraic sum of their moments about any point is equal to the moments of their resultant force about the same point

94. Blow-off cock in boiler is used to

  1. Control the flow of steam from the boiler to the main pipe and to shut off the steam completely when required
  2. Empty the boiler when required and discharge the mud, scale or sediments which are accumulated at the bottom of the boiler
  3. Put off fire in the furnace of the boiler when the level of water in the boiler falls to unsafe limit it
  4. Increase the temperature of the saturated steam without raising its pressure

95. A bolt of size M24*2 means that

  1. The pitch of the thread is 24 mm and depth is 2mm
  2. The cross –sectional area of the thread is 24 mm^2
  3. The nominal diameter of the bolt is 24 mm and pitch is 2mm
  4. The effective diameter of the bolt is 24 mm and there are 2 thread per cm

96. The principle of transmissibility of the force states that , when a force acts upon a body, its effects is

  1. Same at every point on its line of action
  2. Different at different points on its line of action
  3. Minimum, if acts at the centre of gravity of the body
  4. Maximum, if acts at the center of gravity of the body

97. In an inward reaction flow turbine

  1. The water flows parallel to the axis of the wheel
  2. The water enters at the center of the wheel and then flows towards the outer periphery of the wheel
  3. The water enters the wheel at the outer periphery and then flows towards the centre of the wheel
  4. The flow of water is partially radial and partial axial

98. For the same maximum pressure and temperature,

  1. Otto cycle is more efficient than Diesel cycle
  2. Diesel cycle is more efficient than the Otto cycle
  3. Dual cycle is more efficient than Otto cycle
  4. Dual cycle is less efficient than Otto and Diesel cycle

99. The compression ratio is the ratio of

  1. Swept volume to the total volume
  2. Total volume to swept volume to clearance volume
  3. Swept volume to clearance volume
  4. Total volume to clearance volume

100. The resultant of two force P and Q such as P> Q acting along the same straight line, but in opposite direction is given by

  1. P+Q
  2. P-Q
  3. P/Q
  4. Q/P

101. Hard steering may be due to

  1. Tyre pressure too low
  2. Incorrect wheel alignment
  3. Steering gear adjusted too tightly
  4. All of these

102. Co-efficient of friction depends upon

  1. Nature of surface only
  2. Area of contact only
  3. Both a and b
  4. None of these

103. The acetylene cylinder is usually painted with

  1. Black colour
  2. White colour
  3. Maroon colour
  4. Yellow colour

104. Which of the following property is desirable for material used in tools and machines?

  1. Elasticity
  2. Plasticity
  3. Ductility
  4. Malleability

105. The process in which hydrocarbons are decomposed into smaller hydrocarbons is called

  1. Cracking
  2. Reforming
  3. Polymerization
  4. Alkylation

106. The gas used in modern shock absorbers is

  1. Nitrogen
  2. Oxygen
  3. Hydrogen
  4. Carbon dioxide

107. Coolant pumps are of

  1. Centrifugal type
  2. Vane type
  3. Reciprocating type
  4. All of these

108. The radiator tubes are manufactured by using

  1. Brass tubes
  2. Cast iron tubes
  3. Aluminium tubes
  4. None of these

109. Engine torque is highest at

  1. Low speed
  2. Intermediate speed
  3. High speed
  4. None of these

110. The most commonly used material for tyre tubes is

  1. Butane
  2. Natural rubber
  3. Butyl
  4. None of these

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