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By | March 11, 2018

1. In India, liberal industrial policy was adopted in the year?-1991

2. Federal Reserve is the Financial organisation of – USA

3. Devaluation of Rupee in India was first introduced in the year-1949

4. The head office of “NABARD” is located at- Mumbai

5. Which of the following taxes is not levied by the Union Government- Land Revenue

6. The capital of IMF is made up by contribution of the- Member Nations

7. Who got the 1998 Nobel Prize in the Economics – Amartya Sen

8. Which one of the following is called terrestrial planet –Mercury

9. The earth is at its maximum distance from the sun on- 4th July

10. Intrusion of magma along a bedding plane is called a – Batholith

11.Seismographyis the study of – Earthquakes

12. Which of the following is an organic rock- Coal

13. Periodic movement of the sea water is known as –Tides

14. Which of the following is a landlocked sea –Aral Sea

15. Which of the following is not an Island- Sweden

16. Ozone holes are more pronounced at the – Poles

17. Sea breeze is formed during- Day time

18. Rain shadow effect is association with- Orographic rainfall

19. Which of the following environmental pollutant leads to the occurrence of acid rain- Sulphur Dioxide

20.Takla Makandesert is located in –China

21. Which is the purest commercial form of iron-Wrought iron

22. Sheep provide –Mutton

23. Cuba is the largest producer of- Sugar

24. Which country is called the “Land of Midnight Sun” –Norway

25. Pir Panjal Range in the Himalayas is a part of- Inner Himalayas

26. Which of the following is a Trans-Himalayan river –Satluj

27. Which of the following trees species does not belong to deciduous vegetation –Deodar

28.Which one of the following places has the lowest rainfall during the South West Monsoon- Chennai

29. What is chiefly found at Jharia in Jharkhand- Coal

30. Tarapur nuclear station is located in –Maharashtra

31. Which state is the largest producer of pulses in India- Madhya Pradesh

32. Nagarjun Sagar project is in –Telangana

33. Which place is called as “Silicon Valley” of India- Bengaluru

34. The least populated state in India is – Sikkim

35. Which method of water purification does not kill Microorganism –Filtration

36. Which one of the following is not responsible for” greenhouse effect”-Nitrogen

37. National Green Tribunal(NGT) was established in-2010

38. The intensity of earth’s gravitational field is maximum at the-Poles

39. The working principle of a washing machine is- Centrifugation

40. SI unit of heat is –Joule

41. Clear nights are cooler than cloudy nights because of –Radiation

42. Clothes keep us warn in winter because they- Prevent the head of body from escaping

43. Sound Travel fastest in –Steel

44. Which of the following type of waves is different from others-Sound Waves

45. Mirage is observed in a desert due to the phenomenon of –Total Internal reflection

46. Light from the sun reaches the earth in nearly- 8 minutes

47. Which of the following gases is present in soft drinks-Carbon Dioxide

48. Which one is not a colloidal solution-Air

49. Heavy water is used as-Moderator

50. “LPG” chiefly contains –Propane

51. Vitamin C is –Ascorbic acid

52. Iodine deficiency in diet is known to cause –Goitre

53. Which Bollywood personality has become the official brand ambassador of Sikkim-R. Rehman

54. HIV is related to- AIDS

55. The stimulant present in tea is-Caffeine

56. Cactus is referred to as-Xerophytes

57. Which of the following is a true fish-Sea Horse

58. Insulin is a kind of-Hormone

59. The largest organ of human body is- Liver

60. Vijay’s position is 14th from upwards in a class of 43 students. What will be his position from downwards- 30th

61. Introducing a lady, a man said, “the only son of her father is my father” How is the man related to the lady –Nephew

62. In a code ”STATION” is denoted by “URCRKMP” then “BRING” in the same code will be denoted by –None of these

63. As “tailor” is related to “cloth” in the same way, “cobbler” is related to which- Leather

64. Which is the highest peak of district Hamirpur (H.P.)- Awah Devi

65. Who was the first Himachali to became Chief of Army Staff-N. Sharma

66. In which year “Biodiversity Board” was set up in H.P. –2005

67. India’s first Military school was set up in H.P. at-Chail

68. Who was known as “Maharishi” in H.P. –Nicholas Roerich

69. Who started anti -corruption movement in Mandi State in the year 1909-Shobha Ram

70. The first European who visited Chamba in 1839- Vigne

71. Who wrote the book “Himachal Pradesh Atit and Vartman” – Padam Kashyap

72. The main Place of “Mahasu” Devta is at –Hanol

73. The highest village of Chandra Valley in H.P. is –Kokhsar

74. The National Youth Day is celebrated every year on which date in India- 12th January

75. Which country has granted citizenship to Julian Assange, the founder of Wiki leaks- Ecuador

76. Who has been ranked first in the latest Gallup International Annual Survey ”Opinion of Global Leaders”-Emmanuel Macron

77. Who has become the first woman lawyer to be directly promoted as a judge of the Supreme Court-Indu Malhotra

78. Which telecom company of India to launch its own Crypto currency- Reliance Jio

79. ISRO has successfully launched cartosat 2 series satellite into space from which launch vehicle-PSLV C-40

80. Which state government has recently rolled out e-rakthkosh web portal in all government blood banks-Punjab

81. Aanchal Thakur who has become the first Indian to win an international medal in Skiing, hails from which state-Himachal Pradesh

82. Antonym of the word “penitence”- Remorseless

83. You are trying to drag me________ a controversy- Into

84. Meaning of the idiom “Wink at” is- To pretend not to see

85. Which of the following is an inventory control tool –ABC Analysis

86. Buffer stock is used in- Inventory Management

87. Banking facility is determined under- Layout Planning

88. Layout Planning is used for –Disposal of wastage

89. For improving the working environment which study is used-Motion study

90. Which of the following factors affecting plant location-Market

91. Plant layout means planning for –Office or Shop

92. Material palling is a part of –Production Management

93. Risk bearing capacity is related to –Entrepreneurship

94. Entrepreneurship includes –Creativity activity and Result- oriented behaviour

95. Cultural values include –Simple living and high thinking

96. Foresight and initiative quality is must for –Managers, entrepreneurs and leaders

97. Which is the ability to awaken the others by the desire to follow a common objective-Leadership

98. Selection of the best alternative is related to –Decision making

99. An effective planning consists of – Simple plan, clear plan and Flexible plan

100. Corporate Strategy includes- Strategic leadership

101. Resistance to change is related to –Motivation

102. Which factor is responsible for industrial sickness-High production, Less profit and Lower productivity

103. “ISO” is a –Quality Standard

104. Process control is a part of- Quality system

105. What is the role of Entrepreneurship-Job creation

106. Esteem needs is related to –Self Respect

107. Management includes –Planning, controlling and co-ordination

108. Social responsibility is a positive for- Company, firm and industry

109. Social audit is an audit of –Social transaction, social activity and social cost

110. Globalisation is an example of which macro environment factor- Economic

111. China is an example of –Socialist system

112. The Consumer Protection Act came into existence in the year –1986

113. The new economic policy has which of the following components-Liberalisation, Privatisation and Globalisation

114. n the financial statement, contingent liability is-Not Recognised

115. Cash discount is allowed on- Prompt payment

116. The statutory meeting of a company is convened once in –Life time of the company

117. Elastic demand is –Greater than one

118. In a perfectly competitive market- firms can freely enter and exit

119. Which one of the following is the first generation language-Machine language

120. The leaders that require a strong vision are called- Transformational leaders

121. Management is concerned with –Executive functions

122. Ethics is derived from-Bhagwat Geeta, Bible and Quran

123. A producer can be a/an – Good, service and idea

124. The strongest determinant of demand is- Price

125. Warehousing is the sub-elements of –Distributing

126. Which of the following increases buying power of a person-Income, wealth and credit

127. Which of the following are motivation models-Learning model, Economic model and Psycho-analytic model

128. Which of the following cost may be used for pricing decisions-Fixed cost, Average cost and Variable cost

129. What is ignored in profit maximisation-Time value of money

130. Total of all current assets is called-Gross working capital

131. Need for budgeting arise due to –permanent commitment, relatively high cost and long run effect

132. Bank rate also known as- Discount rate

133. The IFC is related to –World Bank

134. The Special Drawing Rights are allocated by –IMF

135. Author of “Navaya Sutra” was-Gautam

136. Which dynasty was ruling over the North India at the time of Alexander’s invasion-Nanda

137. The Buddha belonged to which clan-Sakya

138. Chanakyawas also known as –Vishnugupta

139. The capital of Kadamba Kings was-Varanasi

140. The silver coins of the Gupta period were known as –Rupyaka

141. Bhagavatism is centred around the worship of-Vishnu

142. Who founded four mathas in the four corners in India- Shankaracharya

143. In which year the Indian National Congress was established-1885

144. When did the partition of Bengal take place-1905

145. Which party was founded by Subhash Chandra Bose in the year 1939-Forward bloc

146. Who was not a member of Cabinet Mission – John Simon

147. The Constitution of India was adopted on=26th November 1949

148. In Indian polity, the executive is subordinate to the –Legislature

149. Which of the following describes India a secular State-Preamble to the Constitution

150. Under which Article of the Indian Constitution can the President of India be impeached-Article 61

151. Who exercises the actual executive power under the parliamentary form of the Government-Prime Minister of India

152. Who advises the Government of India on legal matters-Attorney General

153. Rajya Sabha can delay the Finance Bill sent for its consideration by the Lok Sabha for a maximum period of- Fourteen Days

154. The maximum strength of the Lok Sabha ,as stipulated in the constitution of India is –552

155. The middle unit in the three tier Panchyati Raj System- Panchayat Samiti

156. Who appoints the Union Public Service Commission- President of India

157. Nuclear energy is derived from –Uranium, Plutonium and Thorium

158. Mid-Day Meal Scheme was started in the year- 1995

159. ‘जिसकी उपमा न हो’ के लिए एक शब्द है – अनुपम

160. ‘यथाक्रम’ कौन सा समास है? – अव्ययीभाव

161. शुद्ध शब्द है – आकांक्षा

162. Mahabilapuram was established by the – Pallavas

163. Malik Kafur was whose General? – Alauddin Khilji

164. Which region of Inda was ruled by Sultan Zainul Abidin? – Kashmir

165. Amir Khusrau was born at – Patiali

166. The historian Abul Fazl was killed by – Bir Singhdeo Bundela

167. Who founded Sikhism? – Nanak

168. Indian Factory Act was promulgated in – 1881

169. Who was the leader of Champaran Indigo Movement? – Mahatma Gandhi

170. ‘India war of Independence’ is written by – V.D. Savarkar

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