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Solved Paper Himachal Pradesh Patwari Exam 2019 [Part-4] – HP Revenue Department

By | November 17, 2019

76. (3p2qr3)*(-4p3qr2)*(7pq3r) is equal to: 84p6q6r6 84p6q5r5 -84p6q6r6 -84p6q5r5 Note: The right answer to this question is -84p6q5r6 You can send representation to the exam conducting authority.  77. Arjun is twice as old as Shreya. Five years ago his age was three times Shreya’s age. Find their present ages: 10 years, 12 years 5 years,… Read More »

Sample Paper for Himachal Pradesh Patwari Exam 2019-2020

By | August 13, 2019

TOTAL QUESTIONS: 100 Time Allotted: 90 Min. 1. Fill in the blank with appropriate word:- Gather thistles and expect ______ whistle cheers tickles pickles 2. Fill in the blanks with appropriate articles:- _____ Children are playing on ______ bed. The, a A, a The, the A, on 3. Choose the grammatically correct sentence:- The English… Read More »