Brief History of District Bilaspur

By | November 6, 2016

History of District Bilaspur

History of Bilaspur:

  • The founder of Bilaspur state was Raja Bir Chand (A.D. 900).
  • Raja Bir Chand built the temple of Goddess Naina Devi.
  • Raja Kharak Chand’s (1824 – 1839 A.D.) reign marks the darkest page in the history of Bilaspur.

  • Raja Hira Chand’s (1857 – 1882 A.D.) period is remembered by the people as the golden age.
  • Rang Mahal in Bilaspur was built by Raja Bijai Chand.
  • During the independence of India, Raja Anand Chand was the Chief of Bilaspur.
  • On 1, July 1954, Bilaspur was merged into Himachal Pradesh to form a district.

Other important details about district Bilaspur:

  • Headquarter: Bilaspur
  • Altitude: 610 meters
  • Languages spoken: Bilaspuri (Kahluri), Hindi, Punjabi etc.
  • The District Bilaspur lies between 31°12’30” and 31°35’45” North Latitude and between 76°23’45” and 76°56’40” East Longitude.
  • There are seven ranges in Bilaspur i.e. Naina Devi, Jhanjiar, Tiun, Bandla, Bahadurpur and Ratanapur.
  • There are three prominent valleys in District Bilaspur i.e. The Satluj Valley, The Chaunto Valley and The Danwin Valley.
  • The River Satluj enters the district Bilaspur at ‘Kasol’ hamlet and leaves the district at village ‘Naila’.
  • The average annual rainfall of district Bilaspur is 1373 mm.
  • There are two sacred springs in Bilaspur i.e. Luhnd Spring (Swarghat) and Bassi Spring (Bassi).
  • There is a fish breeding farm in Deoli (Ghagas), district Bilaspur. This is the largest fish breeding farm in Asia.
  • ACC cement factory is located in Barmana, district Bilaspur.
  • Nalwari fair was conceived by W. Goldstein in A.D. 1889, has been declared as state fair now.
  • Seer Khad in Bilaspur is the largest tributary of River Satluj.
  • Naval National Cadet Corps Unit was established in March, 1963 in Bilaspur.

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