Economy of District Bilaspur Himachal Pradesh

By | April 15, 2020

The soil of District Bilaspur:

Most of the soil in Bilaspur district is sandy.

Major crops grown in the District are Maize, Wheat, Paddy, Ginger, Sugarcane and oilseeds.

Fishing in District Bilaspur:

There is important fishing ground along  Satluj, Sheer Khad, and Govind Sagar Lake.

There is a fish hatchery set up at Deoli on the bank of Ali Khad. It is the largest fish breeding farm in Asia set up in 1961-62.

Minerals in District Bilaspur:

The district has huge resources of limestone which is an attraction for the cement Industry.

Barmana cement plant produces high-Quality cement.

Bridges in District Bilaspur:

Kandror Bidge: It is across the Satluj. It is one of highest bridge in Asia for its height.

RCC Bridge over Ali Khad and over Gambhar Khad is located on NH 21.

Important Fairs in District Bilaspur:

  1. Naina Devi Fair
  2. Gugga fair
  3. Nalwari Fair: Nalwari fair was started by W. Goldstein 1889. It has been declared as the state fair.

Temples in District Bilaspur: 

  1. Shri Gopal temple (Bilaspur)
  2. Narsingh temple (Dhaulra)
  3. Murli Manohar temple (Bilaspur)
  4. Gugga temple and Markhanday temple at Makdi
  5. Naina Devi temple has launched its website. Devotees now have access to perform online Puja and can make online offerings temple trust has been tied up with HDFC Bank. 

Food Habit in District Bilaspur:

  • Major food is Maize and, rice.
  • Special dish Ankaloos prepared with rice flour on Diwali and Khichari on Lohri.


District Bilaspur had the distinction of having a Naval National Cadet Corps unit, established in March 1963.

District Highlights-2011 Census

The population of the district has increased by 12.0 per cent during 2001-2011.

The population of the district constitutes 5.56 per cent of the state population and rank 10th in position.

Bilaspur district ranks 4th position in term of literacy slightly above the state literacy rate 82.8.

The District occupies 5th position among the districts in registering sex ratio of 981 Females per thousand males as against state’s average of 972 Females.

Naina Devi and Shah Talai are the famous pilgrimage centres and attract lakhs of pilgrims from neighbouring states.

Bhakra Dam, the highest straight gravity dam in the world is located in Naina Devi tehsil.

Govind Sagar Lake occupies the predominant position amongst the places of tourist interest.

All the inhabited villages of the district are electrified and having bus able road.

The economy of the district is mainly agrarian and majority of the population in the districts is engaged in cultivation.

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