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Fisheries in Himachal Pradesh

By | December 9, 2021

Himachal Pradesh has been gifted by Mother Nature with rivers emanating from glaciers which traverse through hilly terrains and finally enrich the semi-plain area of the State with their oxygen rich water. Its linearly flowing rivers Beas, Satluj and Ravi receive many streams during their downward journey and harbour the precious cold water fish fauna… Read More »

Economy of District Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 23, 2020

Agriculture: Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Himachal Pradesh. It has an important place in the economy of the state. It provides direct employment of 65 per cent of the total workers of the state. It is also a premier source of state income (GSDP). About 17 per cent of GSDP comes… Read More »

Economy of District Mandi – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 21, 2020

Agriculture: Balh valley of Sundarnagar block and Sandhol areas along the Beas river of Dharmpur block and Jogindarnagar valley are the only major areas in producing cereals in the district which cater to the demand of sizeable population of the district. There is an agricultural workshop functioning at Bhangrotu where facilities for designing and testing… Read More »

The Economy of District Kullu – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 10, 2020

Agriculture The economy of the district basically depends on Agriculture, and more than 80 per cent of the workers are engaged in agricultural activities. The forests of Kullu district are rich in various kinds of medicinal herbs like Karu, Dhoop, Muswala and Kakar Singi. The Cereal Seed Multiplication Farm at Sainj being maintained by National… Read More »

Minerals found in District Kullu – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 9, 2020

The district does not possess minerals of commercial significance and reserves of a few minerals are found in the parts of district but their mining is not economically viable. The following minerals are found in the districts which are used locally: i) Beryl: White and bluish coloured crystals of beryl are found in Saraouga valley… Read More »

Economy of District Solan – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 2, 2020

Solan has been declared the Mushroom district of Himachal Pradesh. Solan has five milk chilling plants namely Khandagaht, Nalagarh, Kunihar, Darlaghat, and Maryog. The first industrial estate was set up in the year 1961-62 at Solan. The second Industrial estate was set up at Barotiwala in 1964-65. Among all the districts of Himachal Pradesh, Solan district… Read More »

Economy of District Sirmaur – Himachal Pradesh General Studies

By | May 29, 2020

Nahan Foundry Ltd. was set up for the first time in 1875 A.D. has now been taken over by the Himachal Pradesh Government in 1964. Kinnauri Arkel and Lincon Boon are varieties of peas. Solan Gola is a variety of tomato in the district. There are five seed Multiplication Farms at Bhagani and Daula Kuan… Read More »

Census 2011 Highlights of District Sirmaur

By | May 24, 2020

Distribution of Population in Rural-Urban Areas: According to the 2011 Census, the total population of the Sirmaur district is 5,29,855 comprising 2,76,289 males and 2,53,566 females. This population of the district forms 7.7 percent of the State population and ranks at 5th place among the districts. Out of the total population of the district, 89.2… Read More »