Minerals found in District Kullu – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 9, 2020

The district does not possess minerals of commercial significance and reserves of a few minerals are found in the parts of district but their mining is not economically viable. The following minerals are found in the districts which are used locally:

i) Beryl: White and bluish coloured crystals of beryl are found in Saraouga valley and north-east of Dando Dee Thack in the Parvati valley. Beryl is the source of beryllium and its transparent green variety emerald is a precious gemstone.

ii) Building Stone: The area abounds in variety such as quartzite and granite. A Number of slate quarries producing roofing slate for local use which is located in the rocks of the central gneiss Kullu and Banjar formations.

iii) Kyanite: It is a silicate of aluminium and is used for refractory bricks. The mineral occurs at a number of places in Parvati valley. It is found in the form of blue blades and associated with central gneiss formations.

iv) Copper: Occurrence of copper oreis reported from Chashikni, Jhari, Maol, Saon, and Satgahr but the deposit of copper ore is not in large quantity.

v) Limestone: Limestone is the main raw material for cement. It occurs in the Larji formation in southern parts of Kullu valley and also in the Garsha saiji valleys. Limestone found in this district is yet to be exploited for commercial use as no cement plant has been set-up in the district or nearby area.

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