Fisheries in Himachal Pradesh

By | December 9, 2021

Himachal Pradesh has been gifted by Mother Nature with rivers emanating from glaciers which traverse through hilly terrains and finally enrich the semi-plain area of the State with their oxygen rich water.

Its linearly flowing rivers Beas, Satluj and Ravi receive many streams during their downward journey and harbour the precious cold water fish fauna such as Schizothorax, Golden Mahseer and exotic Trouts.

Cold water resources of the State have shown their potential with the successful completion of ambitious Indo-Norwegian Trout farming project and tremendous interest shown by the hill populace for the adoption of evolved technology.

The commercially important fish species in Gobind Sagar and Pong Dam reservoirs, Chamera and Ranjeet Sagar Dam have become a tool for the upliftment of local population.

About 5,567 fishermen in the State depend directly on reservoir fisheries for their livelihood.

During 2020-21 up to December, 2020 cumulative fish production was 9,811 MT valued at ₹122.86 crore. During current year up to December, 2020, 4.74 tonne trout has been sold from the State farms and ₹71.50 lakh has been earned.

The Department of Fisheries has constructed Carp as well as Trout seed production farms in the State to cater the requirement of reservoirs rural ponds and commercial farms in public and private sector.

During 2020-21 up to December, 2020 total 12.96 lakh fingerlings of the size 70 mm and above of common carp 3.67 lakh of the same size of IMC and 4.76 lakh of Rainbow Brown Trout have been produced in the State. The approximate value of total seed production produced during the year 2020-21 up to December, 2020 is ₹40.43 lakh.

Despite hilly terrain of the State aquaculture is being given due importance.

Under “Rastriya Krishi Vikas Yojna” (RKVY) an outlay of ₹100.00 lakh has been approved by Government.

Welfare schemes for the upliftment of fishermen

The Department of Fisheries has initiated many welfare schemes for the upliftment of fishermen. Fishermen are covered under insurance scheme where ₹5.00 lakh is given (in case of death/ permanent disability) and even losses to their gear and crafts are also being borne by the State

Government to the extent of 50 per cent under “Risk Fund Scheme”.

A contributory saving scheme has been initiated by the State Government and matching State’s share of deposited saving is provided to them during the close season.

The amount so generated is paid to fishermen in two equal monthly installments. During the year 2020-21 an amount of ₹160.00 lakh, (₹53.30 lakh contributed by the fisherman plus ₹106.70 lakh as financial assistance from the State and Centre Government) will be provided to 3,557 Fishermen under Saving–cum–Relief Fund Scheme.

During the Financial year 2020-21 Department of Fisheries, Himachal Pradesh has started a new scheme “Trout Livestock Insurance Scheme” to provide the insurance cover to livestock of cold-water fish farmers of the State.

The premium amount is shared between State Government and beneficiaries in the 65:35 ratios respectively. The wide insurance cover is being provided through United India Insurance Company Limited.

This year department has insured 43 trout units by the 29 fish farmers.

A total no of 317 self employment opportunities were generated by the Fishery Department under various schemes.

Under Pradhan Mantri Matsya Sampada Yojana which is introduced by the State during current financial year. In this scheme, department under Central sector scheme has submitted various projects amounting ₹5,914.59 lakh for sanctioning to the Government of India. In these submitted projects ₹3,579.72 lakh is Central share ₹348.93 lakh is State share and ₹1,985.94 lakh
is Beneficiaries share Government of India has accorded sanction of ₹4,063.00 lakh project for the current financial year in which ₹1,877.99 lakh is Centre share ₹208.67 lakh is State share and ₹1,976.34 lakh is Beneficiaries share. Government of India against their total sanctioned Central share has also released ₹300.00 lakh as first instalment which will be used for subsidy in the State to execute the following schemes/projects:

  • Establishment of 6 Fish Kiosk in private sector.
  • Establishment of one Backyard Ornamental Fish units in private sector.
  • Establishment of one Medium size Ornamental Fish units in private sector.
  • Establishment of 3 Medium size Biofloc in private sector.
  • Purchase of one Insulated Vehicle in private sector.
  • Purchase of 20 Motorcycles for fish sale in private sector.
  • Establishment of 6 Medium size Fish Feed Mills in private sector.
  • Establishment of 10 Biofloc Fish Ponds units in private sector.
  • Establishment of 12 Small Biofloc Fish Tanks in private sector.
  • Establishment of one Trout Fish Recirculatory Aquaculture system in Private sector.

Trout Farms in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Barot (Mandi)
  2. Dhamwari (Shimla)
  3. Holi (Chamba)
  4. Patlikuhl (Kullu)
  5. Sangla (Kinnaur)

Carp Farms in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Deoli (Bilaspur)
  2. Alsu (Mandi)
  3. Sultanpur (Chamba)
  4. Deoli (Una)
  5. Nalagarh (Solan)
  6. Kangra

Mahasheer Fish Farm in Himachal Pradesh

  1. Macchial (Jogindernagar) District Mandi

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