Economy of District Hamirpur – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 23, 2020


  • Agriculture is the main occupation of the people of Himachal Pradesh.
  • It has an important place in the economy of the state.
  • It provides direct employment of 65 per cent of the total workers of the state.
  • It is also a premier source of state income (GSDP).
  • About 17 per cent of GSDP comes from agriculture and its allied sectors.


  • Horticulture has become a fast growing occupation in the district.
  • Agro climate condition prevailing in the district offer a great scope for the production of temperate and sub–tropical fruits specially mango, kinnow, litchi and guava, galgal and other citrus fruits.
  • Though apple is so far the most important fruit crop of the state but in the recent years mango has also emerged as an important fruit crop.
  • Litchi is also gaining importance in certain regions.
  • Besides apple crop, mango and litchi are also fetching better market prices.


  • Hamirpur district has limited inland sources of water in the shape of rivers, rivulets, ponds and tanks.
  • The main river of the district is Beas, which runs along the boundary line with district Kangra and covers about 45 kms. of length of running water in the district from Sachuhi to Chamukha.
  • Two rivulets namely, Kunah khad (37 kms.) and Man khad (40 kms.) are the main tributaries of the Beas.
  • The fisheries of district Hamirpur comprises of natural fish fauna, inhabiting in the river and its two main tributaries and other streams, which are Tor Putitora (Mahaseer), Gulguli, Gid, Kalbans, Bam, Sal, Malhi, Singhara, Singhi, Kunhi and Mori.

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