District Hamirpur Highlights of 2011 Census – Himachal Pradesh

By | June 24, 2020

Hamirpur district stands at 5th position with 1725 villages among the 12 district of the state.

Hamirpur district occupies the 8th rank among the districts in terms of population.

Hamirpur district occupies the 1st position in terms of sex ratio among the districts of the state with 1,095 females against 1,000 males as compared to 972 females per 1,000 males of state average.

Hamirpur district stands at 8th position in terms of its working force having total workers of 241,931 persons against 3,559,422 working persons of the state.

Hamirpur district stands at 10th positions in terms of decadal population growth (2001-2011) of 10.2 per cent persons in comparison to state decadal population growth of 12.9 per cent persons.

In terms of density of population per sq.km., Hamirpur district with 407 persons per sq.km. stands at 1st position among the district of the state.

Hamirpur district occupies 7th rank among the districts of the state in terms of literate population. It has a literate population of 358,091 persons.

The economy of Hamirpur district is mainly depends on agriculture. It has returned 147,103 persons as cultivators and holds the 7th position among the districts of the state.

All the in-habited villages of the district enjoy the facility of electricity and potable drinking water.

Hamirpur district is also known for its attractive tourist destinations. Hamirpur, Tira Sujanpur, Nadaun and Temple of Deothsidh Baba Balak Nath are the famous places of tourist interest in the district.

Hamirpur is also known for its colourful Holi Festival.

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