Major Hydro Power Projects in Himachal Pradesh

By | November 5, 2016

Hydropower development is the key engine to the economic growth of the State of Himachal Pradesh, as it makes a direct and significant contribution to the economy in term of revenue generation, employment opportunities and enhancing the quality of life.

The State of HP has an estimated Hydro Potential of 27436 MW out of which 24000 MW has been assessed as harnessable while the Government of HP has decided to forgo balance potential in lieu of safeguarding the environment and to maintain ecological balance as well as protect various social concerns. Out of the total harnessable potential of about 24000 MW, a potential to the tune of 20912 MW already stands allotted under various sectors. THe State has been accelerating the pace of Hydropower development through the active involvement of both the public and private sectors.

A potential of about 10519 MW has already been harnessed so far under various sectors.

This article is updated on 05/04/2018

There are so many Hydro Power Projects in Himachal Pradesh, some of them even feature among the largest Hydro Power Projects of India e.g Nathpa Jhakri – 1500 MW (SJVN undertaking), Karcham Wangtu – 1000 MW, Dehar Power House – 996 MW etc.

A majority of these Hydroelectric Projects are confined within three districts namely Kinnaur, Chamba and Kullu. In this list we have featured only the major Hydroelectric Projects. 

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Hydro projects in Himachal Pradesh

New Projects:

The government of Himachal Pradesh has allotted Sai Kothi-I (15 MW) in district Chamba, Devi Kothi (16 MW) in district Chamba, Sai Kothi – II (16.50 MW) in district Chamba, Hail HEP (18 MW) in Chamba, Raison (18 MW) in district Kullu, Batseri (60 MW) in district Kinnaur and New Nogli (9 MW) in district Shimla to HPSEB Ltd. for implementation.

In addition to this Himurja has alloted 2 small HEPs to HPSEBLs i.e. Kuthar HEP (4.5 MW) and Tikkar HEP (3.5 MW) for implementation under self-identified category on 19.12.2016.

Project under HPPCL:

A. Project Under Operation:

  1. Kashang HEP (Stage – I) in district Kinnaur – 65 MW

B. Project under execution:

  1. Sawra Kuddu HEP on river Pabbar in Rohru, Shimla – 111 MW
  2. Kashang HEP (Stage- II, III) in Kinnaur – 130 MW
  3. Sainj HEP in district Kullu – 100 MW
  4. Shongtong Karcham HEP in district Kinnaur – 450 MW

C. Projects under Investigation:

  1. Chirgaon Majhgaon HEP in district Kinnaur – 60 MW
  2. Kashang HEP (Stage – IV) in district Kinnaur – 48 MW
  3. Gyspa HEP (Project of National Importance) in district Kinnaur – 300 MW
  4. Surgani Sundla HEP in district Chamba – 48 MW
  5. Nakthan HEP in district Kullu – 460 MW
  6. Thana Plaun HEP in district Mandi – 191 MW
  7. Triveni Mahadev HEP in district Mandi (near Sandhol) – 78 MW
  8. Renuka Dam HEP (Project of National Importance) in district Sirmaur – 40 MW
  9. Deothal Chanju HEP in district Chamba – 30 MW
  10. Chanju – III HEP in district Chamba – 48 MW
  11. Dhamwari Sundla HEP in district Shimla – 70 MW
  12. Sunni Dam HEP in Kaira villlage (Shimla and Mandi districts) – 528 MW

D. Projects under pre feasibility stage:

  1. Chiroti Saichu HEP in district Chamba – 26 MW
  2. Saichu Sach Khas HEP in district Chamba -117 MW
  3. Lujai HEP in district Chamba – 45 MW
  4. Saichu HEP in district Chamba – 58 MW
  5. Khab HEP in district Kinnaur – 636 MW


Bara Kamba HEP (45MW) in Distt. Kinnaur

Brua HEP in district Kinnaur – 9 MW

Solar Projects in Himachal Pradesh:

HPPCL intends setting up two Solar Power Plants;

  1. 5 MW at Berra Dol, near Naina Devi Ji Shrine in District Bilaspur
  2. 10 MW at Aghlor in District Una

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