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Disaster Management Act 2005 – GS Mains Paper -1 (HPAS Mains)

By | June 27, 2024

GS MAINS PAPER -1 HPAS DISASTER MANAGEMENT ACT 2005 The National Disaster Management Act, 2005 (NDMA) is a comprehensive legislation. DM Act was enacted in the wake of 1999 Odisha super-cyclone and the 2004 Tsunami. There are 79 sections and 11 chapters in the Disaster Management Act of 2005. The Act also calls the Ministry… Read More »

What is Special Category Status? – HPAS Mains

By | June 27, 2024

What is Special Category Status? SCS is a classification given by the Centre to assist development of states that face geographical and socio-economic disadvantages. Constitution does not make any provision to special category status however according to Article 275 of the Indian Constitution, the central government may provide any state with additional financial aid outside of… Read More »

Employment generation and potential in Himachal Pradesh – HPAS Mains

By | February 13, 2022

                                                       Employment generation- Himachal Pradesh is a major tourism destination and tourism is contributing greatly to the growth, development and economy of the State. The contribution of the tourism sector to the State GDP is about 7 per cent. According to HP economic survey there were a total of 3213379 tourists including foreign who visited… Read More »

Cottage and Small Scale Industries in Himachal Pradesh – HPAS Mains

By | February 13, 2022

Cottage industry in state The Cottage Industry is a form of unorganized industry in which people are engaged in craftsmanship works such as handicraft, pottery, knitting, handloom, etc.  Example- Milk-based industry, handloom and power loom industry, oilseed industry and food processing Characteristics of a cottage industry – Cotton industry is small scale industry and often… Read More »

IT policy of Himachal Pradesh and its role in governance – HPAS Mains

By | February 13, 2022

E-Governance– Electronic governance is defined as the application of information and communication technology for providing government services, exchange of information, transactions, integration of existing services and information portal. IT policy has been formulated in 2001 in Himachal Pradesh with a view to promote entrepreneurship, spread digital technology, improve social equity and justice through information technology… Read More »

Geographical Regions of Himachal Pradesh – HPAS Mains

By | February 3, 2022

GS-1 UNIT – 1; SUB-UNIT-2 Geographical region of Himachal Pradesh Himachal Pradesh is bound between 30˚22 to 33˚12 north latitude and 75˚47 to 79˚4 east longitude. To the east, it forms India’s border with Tibet, to the north lies UT of Jammu & Kashmir, the state of Uttrakhand in the south–east, Haryana in the south… Read More »

Enactments made by the Himachal Pradesh Government to protect and promote the interests of an agrarian society – HPAS Mains

By | January 24, 2022

Land Reforms Legislations – Land Legislations Himachal Pradesh was formed as a Chief Commissioner’s province on 15th April, 1948 by merger of the erstwhile princely States of Mandi, Chamba, Sirmour, Suket and a number of Shimla Hill States. The District Bilaspur was integrated in Himachal on 1st July, 1954. In the erstwhile princely States, a… Read More »

Cybercrime and drug menace – the mechanism to detect and control it in Himachal Pradesh – HPAS Mains

By | January 23, 2022

                                                                   Drug Menace Drug abuse– refers to the illicit drugs, non-medicinal use of several substances which includes cannabis, opium, heroin, cocaine. According to the recent report 2020, 3.2% of the Himachal Pradesh population use charas, ganja which is above average. Causes of drug abuse- Biological factor- Family history and genetic susceptibility Personality disorder or medical… Read More »