Chamba Chappal – A Heritage of State

By | April 9, 2020

Chamba is famous for handmade chappals. This trade is concentrated in the hands of Cobbler families.

It is said that once upon a time Chamba had no tradition of leather shoes and they wore crude Grass shoes.

Things changed when the Princess of Kangra was married in the royal family of Chamba. The Princess brought a cobbler family to Chamba as a part of dowry and with this came the culture of the leather shoes.

The crafts men of this trade used leather of sheep, goat and calf skin for the purpose.

The striking feature of Chamba chappal is the embroidery done on them.

The embroidery is done with silk and golden threads called Russi –Tilla.

The motifs usually are of lantana flower and leaves.

A unique pair of leather shoes with Zari belonging to royal family of Chamba is preserved in Bhuri Singh Museum.

Leather embroidered belts are also commonly worn by the local people.

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