Geography of District Chamba

By | April 9, 2020

Mountain Ranges in District Chamba: 

Hathi Dhar (Snowless range): The low range of Hills called Hathi Dhar runs parallel to the south of Dhauladhar. It is the inner ridge of Shivalik range.

The Pangi Range: This range is called Pir Panjal by geologists and Pangi Range by common people. It is a continuation of main Himalayan axis entering the Himachal on the east of Bushahr, and divides Kullu from Lahaul and Spiti, then enters Chamba. This range divides Chamba into two unequal parts. Southern branch of Pangi range is Manimahesh which divides Chamba from Bara Banghal.

The Dagani Dhar: This is an offshoot of Pangi range and forms the boundary between Chamba and Bhadarwah in Jammu. Padri and Chatar Dhar passes are in this range. Both Pangi and Dagani ranges are composed of Silurian rocks, schists, slates, and Blaini conglomerates. 

The Zaskar Range: Zaskar is the direct continuation of Himalayan axis. From the north-eastern corner of Himachal it runs in a north-west direction, dividing Ladakh from Lahaul and Spiti then enters Chamba for a short distance.

River System of District Chamba 

There are two main rivers in district Chamba i.e. Chenab and Ravi.

River Chenab or Chandrabhaga:

  • Two streams Chandra and Bhaga rises from opposite sides of Baralacha Pass (4890 mts) and meet at Tandi (2286 mts) to form the river Chenab.
  • It enters Pangi valley of Chamba district near Bhujind and leaves the district at Sansari Mullah to enter Podar valley of Kashmir.
  • The main tributaries of Chenab are Miyar Nullah meets at Udaipur and Saichu Nullah meets at Sach.

River Ravi:

  • It rises from Bara Banghal (district Kangra) as a joint stream formed by glacier fed ‘Badal’ and ‘Tant Gari’.
  • It leaves district Chamba at Kheri to enter Jammu & Kashmir and finally merges with Chenab in Pakistan.

Lakes in District Chamba:

  • Ghadasaru Lake, Khajjiar Lake, Lama Dal Lake, Manimahesh Lake, Chamera Lake (Artificial Lake) Mahakali Lake, Chanderkup Lake, , Chamunda Lake, Khajund Lake, and Chakund Lake.
  • Mahakali Lake is also known as Chaurasi Ka Dal or Khundi Maral Lake.
  • Nagara Lake, Kali Kund, Dham Godi, Kali Dal, and Nag Dal are in Dhauladhar range, District Chamba.

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