What are the minerals found in District Chamba?

By | April 9, 2020

The Chamba Mountain ranges are rich in minerals.

Iron was found in Bharmaur and Chaurah Wazrats during the British period, but the mines were not working due to the cheapness of imported iron.

The mica and copper mines are closed also. But the State quarries were numerous, especially near Dalhousie.

Gold washing used to be carried on the banks of River Chanderbhaga at Pangi and Lahul at some certain places.

Chamba State has the slates of good equality.

Lime Stone is also available in large quantity in the Ravi Valley and to the south of the Dhaula- Dhar.

Chamba and Dalhousie get their supplies from there and it is of excellent quantity.

Another place from where the limestone found is Pangi.

Minerals springs exist in some parts of the state e.g. at Mothila, Saho, Udaipur, Kalhel and Manjit etc, which are frequented by the people in certain seasons, especially in the months of Jeth and Haar; but the waters have not been analyzed. They are chiefly hot and saline.

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