Chronology of Various Historical Events of Himachal Pradesh- 2

By | November 6, 2016

1405 A.D. – Hari Chand founded Guler state.

1450 A.D. – Sibram Chand founded Sibba state.

1514 A.D.Guru Nanak Dev visited Himachal Pradesh.

1527 A.D. – Ajbar Sen founded Mandi town. Shivratri Fair commenced in Mandi by Ajbar Sen.

1550 A.D. – Datar Chand founded Datarpur state.

1620 A.D.Akbar’s son Jehangir (Salim) captured the Kangra fort on November 16, 1620.

1621 A.D. –1) Jahangir erected a mosque inside the Kangra fort.

2)  Karam Prakash founded Nahan town.

1654 A.D. –  Deep Chand founded Bilaspur town.

1667 A.D. – Jai Chand founded Theog Dominion.
1685 A.D.Guru Gobind Singh visited Mandi.

1686 A.D. – In the Battle of Bhangani Guru Gobind Singh defeated Raja of Bilaspur Bhim Chand and his relatives Raja Fateh Shah (Srinagar Gharwal)

1697 A.D. – Alam Chand founded Alampur Town.

1700 A.D.Hamirpur Town founded by Hamir Chand.

1712 A.D. – Sundernagar Town was founded by Garur Chand.

1748 A.D. – Sujanpur Town was founded by Abhay Chand.

1758 A.D. – Raja Ghamand Chand of Kangra appointed as the deputy Governor of Jallandhar Doab and the hills between the Satluj and Ravi by Ahmad Shah Abdali during his last invasion.

1775 A.D.Raja Sansar Chand-II, the grandson of Raja Ghamand Chand, succeeded the Kingdom of Kangra.

1783 A.D. – Kangra fort was vacated from the Jiwan Khan, the son of the Muslim Governor, Nawab Saif Ali Khan. With him Muslim Rule was ended in the Hill States of Punjab.

1786 A.D.Raja Sansar Chand-II of Kangra defeated Chamba Chief Raj Singh in the Battle of Nerti Shahpur

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