Chronology of Various Historical Events of Himachal Pradesh – 6

By | November 6, 2016

1951 A.D. – 1) Himachal Pradesh became part “C” State.

2) First General Election for the 36 member Himachal Pradesh Vidhan Sabha were held in November.

1952 A.D. – On March 1, third Chief Commissioner Bhagwan Sahai was replaced by the first Lt Governor Major General Himmat Singh.

1953 A.D. – H.P Compulsory Primary Education Act, 1953 was enacted.

1954 A.D. – 1) On July 1, Part “C” State Bilaspur merged with Himachal Pradesh as the fifth District.

2) Department of Public Relation was created in Himachal Pradesh.

3) Himachal Pradesh Abolition of Big Landed Estates and Land Reforms Act, 1953 was enacted.

1956 A.D. – On November 1, Himachal Pradesh became a Union Territory and Vidhan Sabha was abolished.

1957 A.D. – On August 15, Thakur Karam Singh was elected as Chairman of the 41 member Territorial Council.

1960 A.D. – On May 1, Chini Tehsil of Mahasu District named as Kinnaur became the sixth district of Himachal Pradesh.

1963 A.D. – 1) On July 1, Territorial Council was converted into the 41 member Legislative Assembly and Popular Government in Himachal Pradesh again installed.

2) In December, 1963 Single Line Administration introduced in Kinnaur and Lahaul Spiti districts.

1965 A.D.Smt. Maheshi Devi received the National Award for Master Craftsman.

1966 A.D. – On November 1, with the reorganization of Punjab Hills areas four more districts of  Dhalausie,Kangra, Kullu & Bakloh of Gurdaspur Districts were integrated in Himachal Pradesh.

1967 A.D. – Himachal Pradesh Judicial Commissioner’s Court was replaced with Himachal Pradesh Bench of Delhi High Court.

1969 A.D. – Himachal Pradesh Board of School Education (HPBOSE) was established at Shimla. In 1983 it was shifted to Dharmsala.

1970 A.D. – 1) On July, 31 the Bill for the grant of Statehood to Himachal Pradesh was introduced in the Parliament.

2) On December 18, this bill was passed by the Parliament of India.

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