Economy of District Chamba

By | April 9, 2020
  1. Wheat and Barley are the main Rabi crops whereas Maize, Potato and Paddy are the main Kharif crops.
  2. Seed multiplication farms are at Bhanota, Rajura, Bhagat, Thullet, Ahla, and Dharwas.
  3. In 1955, fruit production was started on a large scale in Chamba.
  4. Apple orchards are at Churah, Bharmaur, Pangi, and Salooni.
  5. Oliver development centers are at Lanji, Saro, and Rajnagar.
  6. There were three types of landholdings in the district; Zamindari, Pattedari, and Bhaichara. Zamindari was abolished by the HP Abolition of Big Landed Estates and Land Reforms Act 1953.
  7. Sheep breeding farm was established at Sarol.
  8. In 1978, Chamba Milk Supply Scheme was introduced.
  9. In 1985, a Milk Chilling Centre was established.
  10. The first hydro-station was commissioned to Chamba town in 1910.
  11. All 1114, villages of Chamba district were provided with electricity in 1988.
  12. The Chamera Dam on the river Ravi is developed in three phases. 1st phase-540 MW, 2nd phase-300 MW, and 3rd phase-231 MW owned by NHPC.
  13. In 1957, the State Bank of India branch was opened at Chamba.
  14. On 6th April 1965, HP State Cooperative Bank Ltd. branch was opened.
  15. Gujjars, Pangwals, Bhots, and Gaddi are the main tribes in the Chamba district.
  16. Food is consumed four times a day in Chamba; Nawari (breakfast), Kalwar (lunch), Archni (afternoon resembles Kalwar), and Biali (dinner).
  17. Jagi is the common headdress of Churah and Pangi women.
  18. Women wear Kurta, Salwar, and Chadru. Men use Chola and Dora.
  19. According to the 2011 census, the sex ration of Chamba is 986/1000.
  20. On the Radha Astmi occasion in the month of September, a fair is held at Manimahesh.
  21. Chamba was famous for its artistic and handmade Chappals. Yet, long ago Chamba was shoeless, so a Kangra Rani who was married in Chamba Royal family brought a cobbler family in her dowry and this cobbler family spread this unique art in Chamba.
  22. Nakodar, Jalidar and Khopa are the models of Plain Chappal.
  23. The construction work of two girl’s hostels in Chamba i.e. Himgiri, and Mehla in educationally backward blocks sanctioned under RMSA, have been completed and made functional with the capacity of 50 girls each during the year 2018-19.

District Highlights of 2011 Census

  1. Chamba district occupies the 7th rank among the districts in terms of population.
  2. Chamba district has improved its rank from 6th in 2001 census to 4th in 2011 census in terms of sex ratio among the districts of the state with 986 females per 1,000 males as compared to 972 females per 1,000 males of state average.
  3. Chamba district stands 5th in terms of its working force having total workers of 294,035 persons against 3,559,422 working persons of the state.
  4. Chamba district stands at 7th positions in terms of decadal population growth (2001-2011) of 12.6 per cent persons in comparison to state decadal population growth of 12.9 per cent persons.
  5. In terms of density of population per, Chamba district with 80 persons per stands at 9th rank in the state.
  6. Chamba district occupies 8th rank among the districts of the state in terms of literate population. It has a literate population of 323,842 persons.
  7. Chamba district holds the 1st rank in terms of the scheduled tribe population in the state. It has reported 135,500 persons as scheduled tribe. Pangi and Bharmour tehsils along with Holi sub- tehsil constitute the tribal area of the district.
  8. The economy of the Chamba district mainly depends on agriculture. It has returned 196,665 persons as cultivators and holds the 5th position among the districts of the state.
  9. Chamba district is known for its exquisite natural beauty which attracts large number of tourists from the plains round the year. Sub-Himalayan range of mountains full of diverse flora and fauna make Chamba district as a whole an exhilarating experience.
  10. Chamba district has an important place on the tourist map of the state with famous tourist places like Chamba town, Khajjiar, Dalhousie and Bharmour.
  11. Chamba is famous for its novelties known as “Chamba Chappal”, ”Chamba Rumal”, ”Chamba Paintings”, Chamba Chuk” along with age old temples and Bhuri Singh museum. The temples erected by the rulers of Chamba more than thousand years ago are still continue to be under worship.
  12. Mani Mahesh abode of Lord Shiva is an important place of pilgrimage in the Chamba district. It is located at the height of 5,656 meters above the mean sea level attracts pilgrims not only from the state itself but also from other states like Jammu and Kashmir and Panjab.
  13. Chamba is also known for its traditional fair called Minjar Fair. The splendid carnival of Minjar Fair commencing from the last Sunday of July every year and lasting for seven days being celebrated with marked enthusiasm.
  14. Chamba has a prominent place in its heritage culture. The people of Chamba used to undertake various activities like Metal Craft, Embroidery, Wood Carving ,Stone Carving, and Painting etc.
  15. Chamba district has many distinguished personalities who have received National Awards for their excellent work in their field. Smt. Maheshi Devi, Smt. Kamla Nayyar and Smt.Lalita Waqil has achieved National Award in the field of Chamba Rumal.
  16. S/Sh. Parkash Chand, Sohan Singh and Hakam Singh in the field of Metal Craft.
  17. Sh.Vijay Sharma and Mohd. Latif has won the National Award in the field of Chamba Painting and Wood Carving respectively.
  18. Chamba district has also a name in Hydro Power Generation. Baira Siul, Chamera-I and Chamera –II are the projects situated in the district.
  19. All the in-habited villages of the district enjoy the facility of electricity and potable drinking water.

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