Efforts of State Government strengthens Agriculture Sector

By | December 11, 2020

Agriculture has a major contribution in economy of the State. About 90 percent population of the state is residing in rural areas, out of which 62 percent are associated with agriculture activities and are dependent on agriculture for living.  Agriculture and allied sectors contribute about 12.73 percent in state’s gross domestic income, due to which the state government is laying special emphasis on strengthening of agriculture sector. To strengthen the economy of farmers the State Government has taken several initiatives in this direction.

Cultivation is practiced on 5.42 lakh hectares land

About 5.42 lakh hectares of land is being cultivated in the state. Various kinds of seasonal and cash crops are grown by farmers on this land.  About 87.95 percent farmers belong to marginal and small sections of the state and are cultivating on 54.18 percent part of land.  11.71 percent of farmers belong to middle category and only 0.34 percent farmers belong to the category of big farmers.   The climate of the state is excellent for production of cash crops.

Steps taken by the present government for welfare of farmers

Several irrigation schemes have being started by Agriculture Department for making water available in every field of the farmer. With this, irrigation facility is being provided in 10,428 hectare additional land, benefiting 24,007 farmers of the state.

Under, Mukhya Mantri Khet Sanrakshan Yojna, solar fencing has been provided to 2,592 farmers for protection of their crop from monkeys and stray animals. To improve economy of the State, 7464 hectares of additional land has been brought under cash crops through Crop Diversification Scheme.

To increase agricultural production and productivity in the state, 2,63,600 quintals of improved seeds (grains, pulses, oilseeds, fodder crops, vegetables, etc.) are being provided to the farmers at subsidized rates.

The State Government has launched Uttam Chara Yojna to promote Animal Husbandry. Under this, around 50,533 hectares of fodder crops were produced by the benefited farmers.

The State Government has started Crop Insurance Scheme to protect the crop of farmers from damage, under which 97,412 farmers have availed crop insurance facility during Kharif and Rabi seasons. Compensation amount of Rs.19.54 crores has been given to the farmers. During this period, Rs 18.97 crore was paid as premium to the insurance companies.

Special campaigns have been launched to control yellow rust disease caused by wheat crop in the state. Varieties of yellow rust resistant wheat have been prepared in the State and time to time diagnosis is done due to which it has been controlled completely.

Friendly pests are produced in the state’s bio control laboratory to control pests that damage crops. In the last two and a half years, 14.78 crore Trichogramma and Chilonish friendly pests in 950 hectare area and about 1105 kg Trichoderma Birdi, Bacillus bassiana, Mattaraizam bio fungi and pesticides in 378 hectare area were left for pest / disease control in the fields of farmers. In addition, about 2,900 Phiramon Traps were planted in the fields of 8,700 hectares for pest control in farmers’ fields.

Under the Agricultural Mechanization Scheme, 59,710 farmers were provided with machinery, other equipment and tools for farming under 50 percent subsidy. Under the scheme, more than one lakh agricultural tools and equipments have been provided to farmers in the present tenure of the government.

Under, Mukhya Mantri Kisan evam Khetihar Majdur Jeevan Suraksha Yojana about Rs. 22.40 lakh was given as assistance to 36 farmers. Under the Natural Farming, Khushal Kisan Yojana, 59,001 farmers have started farming in the area of ​​3,037 hectare using natural farming system. Under the solar irrigation scheme, 1,183 solar pumps were installed, which benefited 1,627 farmers.

To increase production and productivity of paddy, maize, pulses, wheat and nutritional grains, assistance is provided for machinery, seeds, micronutrients, plant protection etc. under the National Food Security Campaign, on which Rs 26.13 crore was spent.

Chief Minister Jai Ram Thakur said that agriculture has a significant contribution in the economy of State. He said that 90 percent people of the state live in rural areas and about 62 percent people are associated with agricultural activities. Agriculture and allied sectors contribute about 12.73 percent of the State’s Gross Domestic Product. The State Government is laying special emphasis on strengthening the agricultural sector.

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