Fairs and Festivals of District Kinnaur – Himachal Pradesh

By | April 22, 2020

Chaitra festival:

  • It is celebrated in the month of Chaitra at village Chhagaon.


  • It is celebrated where Chaitra is not celebrated.

Dakreni or Dakrain:

  • It is celebrated in July-August in Pangi.
  • The fair starts with the singing vulgar songs.

Ukhyang or Phulaich:

  • It is commenced in Rupi in month of Bhadra (August) and in Pangi in Kartika (oct-nov) month.
  • About 10 Rajput of the village go to high hills to Pluck flowers and stay there for a night and the next day they returned to the village and spend the night singing and dancing under the Deodar tree.

Shirkin or Sherkant Festival:

  • It is celebrated in Kartika month (Oct-Nov) when semi-nomads moves to sub mountainous plains areas with the flock of their sheep.

Jagro Festival:

  • It is celebrated in Morang, Kamru and Ribba where Mahsu Devta is held in very high esteem.

Sazo Festival:

  • It is celebrated in January month to bid farewell to the Devtas who are supposed to proceed for a temporary sojourn to Paradise in winter.
  • The Swarga i.e paradise of the Kinnaur is at Raldang a mountain peak which is group of Kinner Kailash peak.


  • It is also known as Luskar is celebrated in Phagun month coinciding with mid-February and March.
  • In Lippa, the festival is celebrated under the name of Lamoch.


  • It is celebrated as New Year among Buddhists in Kinnaur and Lahul and Spiti.

Khepa: it is primitive society festival in Ropa valley

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