Marriage Types in District Kinnaur – Himachal Pradesh

By | April 22, 2020

Marriage customs of a society are the mirror of a society’s standard and progress. There are four major forms of marriage in district Kinnaur.

Janekhang or Janetang:

  • It is a common arranged marriage.

Damchalshish or Damtangshish or Benang- hachis or Jushish:

  • It is a type of love marriage.

Darosh or dub-dub or Nymasha Depang or Nymasha lemo or Ashish or huchis:

  • It is a tribal marriage system prevalent in Kinnaur.
  • In this, a girl is forcibly dragged away from a fair-ground of a festival meeting. She pretends to scream, scratch, bite and show annoyance, but the boy holding to her does not relent his hold, immediately thereafter, the boy’s father deputes two men to see the girl’s parents, to seek their apology for the outrage committed by his son.
  • They try to bring over the girl’s father. He then asks to make amends in terms of money is called ‘Izzul’ and it varies from 100/- to Rs. 500/-, paid then and there.
  • Within the month, after settlement, the boy along with his relatives and two women escorts the back to her house.
  • On this occasion, three to four baskets of fried cakes are taken for distribution and the boy offers, as a mark of respect.
  • Reumalang’ (Chilyona dried apricots and Chulli garlands) to his mother-in-law and other elderly women in the family.
  • Cash, according to one’s capacity is also given. This ceremony is called ‘Sten rannik’. Then the groom, leaving his wife with her parents, comeback. After few days, she is brought back to her in-laws either by her father or brother or on this occasion she is presented with some ornaments, utensils and clothes by her parents.

Har or Kuchis: or Khutu Kima:

  • When a woman, who is dissatisfied with her husband, goes and begins to live with another man is also called ‘Har’.
  • Har is considered illegal among higher castes.
  • In the Kinnaur region, ‘har’ is called ‘Kuchis’ or ‘Khutu Kima’.

Divorce Ritual in District Kinnaur:

  • Husband and wife hold a dry long twig of Shur tree in their right hand and break it with a jerk. Broken pieces are thrown backway. This ritual is known as Shing Tag Tag or Shingtickashimig or thag Chocha. 

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  1. Ajit Sharma

    Marriage by elopement is also practised, this method is still part of their cult.


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