Folk Dramas of Himachal Pradesh

By | August 30, 2017

Himachali folk dramas have developed over the centuries and are a part of life and culture of rural people. Folk plays in the form of dances, songs and dramas have nourished a rich tradition. Though many of these have now become extinct and some are languishing, the rural folk have preserved and fostered quite a few folk-plays such as Swang, Banthra, Bhagtu etc.

District wise distribution folk dramas of Himachal Pradesh is given below:

Kariyala (करियाला) – Shimla

Swang (स्वांग) and Dhaja (धाजा) – Bilaspur

Banthda/Banthra (बांठड़ा) – Mandi

Bhagtu (भगतु) – Kangra

Jhanki (झांकी) and Haanter (हांतेर) – Chamba

Chandroli (चंद्रोली) – Kangra and Hamirpur

Watch out this video (Kariyala Folk Play):


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