HAS/HPAS Forestry Optional Paper 2019 – HPPSC Shimla

By | September 16, 2019

HAS/HPAS Forestry Optional Paper 2019 – HPPSC Shimla

Note: Write any five questions in each paper. Question no 1 is compulsory.

Paper – 1

1. Differentiate between the following (very brief): (80-100 words each)

  1. Technical rotation and Rotation of maximum volume production.
  2. Biotechnology and Genetic Engineering
  3. Watershed management and Water harvesting
  4. Farm Forestry and Agro-Forestry
  5. Bole height and Crown height
  6. Forest tree breeding and forest tree improvement
  7. Clear felling and shelterwood system
  8. Seedling seed orchard and clonal seed orchard
  9. Soil survey and land capability
  10. Uses of Acacia catechu and Cedrus deodara

2. Write in brief about phenology, silvicultural characteristics and tending. Explain in phenology, silvicultural characters and tending of Tectona Grandis.

3. How will you raise the nursery of Dalbergia sissoo? Describe all operations of seed collection till uprooting of plants for transplanting. Write the various methods of viability tests and pre-sowing seed treatments of Acacia catechu.

4. Describe the circumstances where you will use clear-felling, shelterwood and selection systems of silviculture. Explain the outcome of each system. How the even-aged and uneven-aged forests are managed?

5. (a) What are the objectives of forest inventory? Explain about various kinds of enumeration and methods of sampling used in the hilly areas.

(b) What is the importance of thinning? How will you perform thinning operations in one of the important trees of Himachal Pradesh?

6. (a) How will you classify forest soils? Briefly describe soil conservation methods.

(b) What is forest regeneration? Write in brief about natural and artificial regeneration of forests.

7. (a) What is social forestry and what are its objectives? How will you raise energy plantations using suitable tree species?

(b) What is remote sensing? What are its advantages? Write the applications of remote sensing in hilly areas.

8. Write salient features of National Forest Policy, 1952 and 1988. Describe in brief about the Indian Forest Act 1927 and Forest Conservation Act, 1980.

Paper – 2

Click here to download Paper 2 PDF

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