HAS/HPAS Mains: Daily Answer Writing Practice Set -14 [General Studies-1]

By | November 3, 2020

GENERAL STUDIES PAPER-2 (Unit-1 and Unit-2)

Attempt all questions. Answer to question No 1 to 7 should not exceed to 120 words in each case Contents of the answers are more important than their length. Each question carries 8 marks.

1. Who are minorities group in our country and what are their major demand, what they
are fighting for?

2. Define civil society and discuss the role played by civil societies in the Democratic and economic development of the country.

3. What are the constitution provision guaranteed by our constitution for the welfare and
empowerment of scheduled castes?

4. What challenges were faced by Himachal Pradesh during its Journey toward statehood?

5. Define pressure group and write your answer with an example where pressure groups are fighting against authority in a different areas in Himachal Pradesh.

6. What are the salient features of the representation of people act, and where would you suggest reforms in this act while keeping in mind the Lok Sabha election 0f 2019.

7. Write a short note on the basic structure of the constitution.

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