HAS/HPAS Mains: Daily Answer Writing Practice Set-2 [General Studies-1]

By | October 10, 2020


Attempt all questions. Answer to question No 1 to 6 should not exceed to 60 words in each case. The contents of the answers are more important than their length. Each question carries 4 marks:

1. What is meant by the young Bengal movement? Who was the founder of this movement?

2. Define capitalism and write down its core principles.

3. Define the Industrial revolution and what were the major technical developments which
pave the way for the industrial revolution?

4.  What do you know about “Triple Alliance” as a part of world history?

5. Write a brief note about the emergence of Chamba as a state.

6.  What were the main consequences of Maharaja Ranjit Singh’s March toward hill states?

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