HAS/HPAS Sociology Optional Paper 2019 – HPPSC Shimla

By | September 15, 2019

HAS/HPAS Sociology Optional Paper 2019 – HPPSC Shimla

Note: Write any five questions in each paper. Question no 1 is compulsory.

Paper – 1

1. Critically examine the dilemma of objectivity and subjectivity in social sciences?

2. Do you agree that the nature of primary groups is changing in contemporary India? Discuss.

3. How have traditional means of social control been changed in Indian society? Discuss.

4. Discuss the issues of tribal development in Naxalite affected States in India.

5. Highlight the emerging trends of caste-class nexus in rural India.

6. What are the social responsibility measures of science and technology in contemporary India? Discuss.

7. Highlight the contributions of Marx and Weber in understanding capitalistic society.

8. Critically comment on the contemporary population policy in India for achieving social development.

Paper – 2

1. Critically evaluate the changing structure and composition of Indian Society with suitable sociological illustrations.

2. In which dimensions are Indian family changing under the modern forces of change.

3. How has the Indian caste system been treated by the State for bringing equality and social justice in Indian society? Discuss.

4. What are the emerging issues pertaining to agrarian unrest in India? Support your argument with suitable examples.

5. Highlight the emerging trends of ideology and socio-cultural basis of political parties in India.

6. What are the contemporary concerns related to ecological degradation and environmental pollution in India? Discuss.

7. Provide a sociological explanation to the farmer’s suicide in rural India. Suggest remedial measures to overcome it.

8. How has globalization affected different spheres of India society? Explain.

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