Himachal GK MCQs (Books & Writers) – 1

By | July 7, 2017

1.Who is the writer of “Shimla: Past and present”?

  • John C. Oman
  • North Crook
  • Wall. C. Princep
  • Edward J. Buck

2. In which of the following book, Kalidasa has mentioned “Kinners”?

  • Kumarasambhavam
  • Abhigyan Shakuntalam
  • Meghdoot
  • Raghuvamsa

3. Who is the writer of book “History of Mandi State”?

  • A.K. Randhawa
  • A.K. Koushal
  • P.C. Dhumal
  • Manmohan Singh

4. Which court poet of Jubbal wrote “Lalit Kavyam”?

  • Ganesh Singh
  • Banshi Ram Sharma
  • Kanhaiya Lal Sharma
  • Kanshi Ram

5. The writer of “Polyandary in Himalayas”is?

  • Mian Goverdhan Singh
  • M.S. Ahluwalia
  • Shanta Kumar
  • Dr. Y.S. Parmar

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6. Who has written the book “Kangra Paintings”?

  • Sardar Sobha Singh
  • M.S. Randhawa
  • Nicholas Roerich
  • Kishori Lal Vaidya

7. Who is the writer of book “Bilaspur- Past, Present and Future”?

  • S.S. Gandhi
  • J. Hutchinson
  • M.S. Gill
  • Anand Chand

8. For which literary work did Dr. Sushil Kumar Phull was awarded the top most literary award of Himachal Pradesh?

  • Phullon ki Chayya
  • Mitti ki Gandh
  • Hare hue Log
  • Khulti hui Paankh

9. Which litterateur’s (writer of literary works) collection of essays has been published by the title “Bund Samani Samudra”?

  • Ratan Singh
  • Prem Pakhrolawi
  • Piyush Guleri
  • Rajeev Kumar Trigarti

10. Which litterateur is known by the name “Dard Dhamotavi”?

  • Harnamdas Dogra
  • Deshraj Dogra
  • Ram Dayal Neeraj
  • Harikrishan Mittu

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