Himachal GK MCQs (Castes and Tribes)-2

By | July 6, 2017

1.Who are the “Gujjars” of Himachal Pradesh?

  • Hunting Tribe
  • Nomadic Tribe
  • Trans-Himalayan Tribe
  • None of the above

2.The “Pangwal Tribe” of Himachal Pradesh is found in which region of the state?

  • Kalpa
  • Pangi
  • Kangra
  • Sangla valley

3.The “Lahaulas Tribe” has originated due to the inter-mixing of which two ethnic groups?

  • Aryans and Dravidians
  • Huns and Aryans
  • Aryans and Mongoloids
  • Mongoloids and Negroid

4.“Chamang” and “Domang” castes are found in which district?

  • Lahaul and Spiti
  • Kinnaur
  • Chamba
  • Kullu

5.The “Gujjar Tribe” of Himachal professes which of the following religion/religions?

  • Hinduism
  • Islam
  • Both A and B
  • None of the above

6.The “Jad” tribe is found in which region?

  • Pangi
  • Pooh
  • Hangrang Valley
  • Sangla Valley

7.The “Jad” tribe professes which of the following religion?

  • Hinduism
  • Buddhism
  • Confucianism
  • Judaism

8.Which district of Himachal Pradesh has the largest number of tribal population compared to other districts?

  • Lahaul and Spiti
  • Kinnaur
  • Kullu
  • Chamba

9.Which of the following Rajput clan does not trace its origin to Jammu region?

  • Patial
  • Pathania
  • Jaswal
  • Mankotia

10.Who were the earliest inhabitants of Himachal Pradesh?

  • Kol
  • Aryans
  • Gaddis
  • Khasas

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