Himachal GK MCQs (Freedom Movement and Agitators) – 2

By | July 6, 2017

1. In which year did Major Durga Mal of “Azad Hind Fauj” (Indian National Army) was hanged in the Red Fort at New Delhi?

  • 1934 A.D.
  • 1944 A.D.
  • 1940 A.D.
  • 1950 A.D.

2. The first “Responsible government”of the Theog State was established on 15 Aug, 1947. Who was chosen its first Prime Minister?

  • J.B.L Kachi
  • Hira Singh Pal
  • Surat Ram Prakash
  • Balak Ram

3, Why a “Rebel Government” was organized in Sirmaur State by the Kisan Sabha in 1942 A.D.?

  • Due to the dethronement of the ruler of State from his position by the British
  • Due to refusal of State’s ruler to decrease the amount of Lagaan (Tax)
  • Due to the help being provided to the British war efforts by the State’s ruler
  • Due to widespread corruption and immoral conduct of the ruler

4. Who led the famous “Mandi Conspiracy” of 1914-1915 A.D.?

  • Swami Krishnanand
  • Pandit Gauri Prasad
  • Shobha Ram
  • Mian Jawahar Singh

5. Who was the first Chairman of “Interim Government” (1948 A.D.)?

  • Sada Ram Chandel
  • Pandit Sukh Ram
  • Dr. Y.S. Parmar
  • Shivanand Ramaul

6. Which of the following was not associated with “Pajhota Aandolan”?

  • Surat Singh Vaid
  • Dr. Y.S. Parmar
  • Atma Ram
  • Shivanand Ramaul

7. Which of the following didn’t attend the “Delhi Darbar” of 1911 A.D.?

  • Bhagat Singh- Jubbal
  • Bhuri Singh- Chamba
  • Amar Prakash- Sirmaur
  • Balbir Sen- Keonthal

8. Which person for the first time demanded the creation of a “Hill State” (Pahadi Rajya) in 1946 A.D.?

  • Dr. Y.S. Parmar
  • Shivanand Ramaul
  • Pandit Padam Dev
  • Thakur Hazara Singh

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