Himachal Pradesh Forest Services Exam 2011

By | June 29, 2017
  1. After whom is Gobind sagar lake named? – Guru Gobind Singh  
  1. By what name was the princely state of Bilaspur known? – Kehloor
  1. Which president of India decided to convert Rashtrapati Niwas Shimla into Indian Institute of Advanced Studies? – Dr. S.Radhakrishnan
  1. In which district of H.P IS Chandertal Lake located? –Lahaul-Spiti
  1. Where is Bhuri Singh Museum? – Chamba
  1. Which region of H.P was known as Trigart in ancient times? – Kangra
  1. Who introduced the cultivation of apple in Kullu Valley? – R.C.Lee
  1. With which agitation is the name of Vaidya Surat Singh associated? – Pajhota agitation
  1. Which Katoch rule built the Kangra Fort? – Susharma Chand     
  1. Which hydel project in H.P has the highest generation capacity? – Parbati Project
  1. In H.P who issue the Kisan Credit Cards? – Public Sector Banks
  1. Which district of H.P has the lowest percentage of forest area in relation to its geographical area? –Lahaul-Spiti

1 3 .  What is the literal meaning of Minjar? – Maize flower

  1. After the Kangra fort was ceded to Maharaja Ranjit Singh, which town became the capital of territories ruled by Raja Sansar Chand? – Sujanpur Tira
  1. With which Muslim ruler is the name of Sikandra Dhar associated? – Sikander Lodhi
  1. What was the name of river Ravi during Vedic times? – Purushani
  1. In which city of H.P did A.O Hume decide to form the Indian National Congress? – Shimla
  1. What is Nicolas Roerich known for? – He painted some 7000 Canvasses on Himalayas
  1. Where did Guru Gobind Singh write his Dasam Granth? –Paonta Sahib
  1.  Which pass join outer and inner Seraj? – Jalori Pass

Write short notes on any four of the following:

  1. Threat to Himalayan Diversity
  2. Cross – border terrorism
  3. Right to Information
  4. Impact of Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act(MGNREGA) on the life of rural people
  5. Role of money in elections

Comment on the following (in about 75 words each):

  1.   According to Gandhiji swaraj at individual level is a necessary condition for attaining political swaraj
  2. Gandhiji’s criticism of western civilization as satanic civilization

Explain the following in about 150 words each:

  1. Prospects and problems of making Himachal Pradesh a carbon –free state

2.Diversification of agriculture in Himachal Pradesh

Answer the following question:

  1. Which indigenously built light combat aircraft is going to replace Mig-21 in the India Air Force? – Tejas
  1. Which was the mascot of 2010 Commonwealth Games? – Shera
  1. Which day is observed as Pravasi Bhartiya Divas? – 9th January
  1. Where is Eiffel Tower? – Paris, France
  1. What was the venue of 2010 Asian Games? – Guanzhou, China

6.Which Union Territory of India consists of four districts each of which is geographically separate from the other? – Puducherry

  1.   What is Dada Saheb Phalke award given for – Cinema

8.Which amendment of the Indian Constitution made Right to Education a Fundamental Right? – 86th Amendment, 2002

  1. At what venue did Sachin Tendulkar score his 50th Test Century? – Centurian (South Africa)
  1. With which game is Somdev Varman associated? – Lawn Tennis
  1. Who is the founder of Praja Rajyam Party? – Chiranjeevi
  1. Which dynasty did Chandergupta Maurya overthrow in order to establish his rule over Magadha? – Nanda Dynasty
  1. There are two major sects of Bhuddhists. One is Mahayana. Which is the other? – Hinyana
  1. What are the 24 founders of Jainism called? – Tirathankars
  1. Where is Takht Hazoor Saheb? – Naned, Maharashtra
  1. Who is chief architect of ‘in vitro fertilization’ technique? – Robert Edward
  1. What is the religious significance of Ajmer? – Khwaza Moinudin Chisti’s Dargah
  1. With what discipline is Varahamihira associated? – Astronomer & Mathematician
  1. In which year was Muslim League founded? – 1906 A.D.
  1. Who is the author of Discovery of India? – J.L. Nehru

Who are the following?

(1)                Dilma Rousseff

(2)               Niira Radia

(3)               Sri Sri Ravishankar

(4)               Hari Prasad Chaurasia

(5)               Namrata Nikki Randhawa Haley

(6)               Sania Nehwal

(7)               Ronjan Sodhi

(8)               Ashwini Akkunji

(9)               Six-year old girl Dolma

(10)           P.J. Thomas

Write the full form of any five of the following abbreviations

(1)               MRI

(2)               HPMC

(3)               TRAI

(4)               ULFA

(5)               DNA

(6)               AFSPA

(7)               BKU

(8)               PGIMER

(9)               JNNURM

(10)           DRDO

Explain any five of the following:

(1) Hamas

(2) Nanhi Chhan

(3) Salwa Judum

(4)  Smart Card Scheme of HRTC

(5) Kishori Shakti Yojna

(6) Organic farming

(7) Consumer Price Index  Number

(8) Per capita income

(9) Aadhaar

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