MCQs – District Lahaul-Spiti – 2

By | February 20, 2018

1. Christian Missionaries did not get success in Lahaul because of:

  1. It was difficult to reach there as it was barren land
  2. Lahaulis were believer of Bodh Religion
  3. Lahaulis were unfriendly with the people from outside
  4. They were proud of their Ancestor’s religion, so no one get affected by them

2. What is the verbal meaning of Spiti?

  1. Devbhumi.
  2. Ratan Bhumi
  3. Shael Bhumi
  4. None of the above

3. What title is given to Kelang Sundri?

  1. Vegetable
  2. Waterfall
  3. Craft
  4. Top of Mountain

4. “Kangur” and “Tengyur” religious texts are of which tribe?

  1. Khampa
  2. Swangli
  3. Lahauli
  4. Kinnauri

5. Whose statement is this about Spiti-“This place is not for humans”?

  1. Rahul Sanskrityan
  2. Jawahar Lal Nehru
  3. General Kitchner
  4. Rudyard Kipling

6. How did the governance of Sen dynasty ended in Spiti?

  1. Tibetans attacked Lahaul Spiti and King of Kullu helped the Tibetans.
  2. They felt helpless against the environment of Spiti.
  3. People protested against them.
  4. Last king don’t have any son.

7. Who started “Bodh religion” in 8th century in Lahaul-Spiti?

  1. Bahadur Singh
  2. Padam Sambhav
  3. Raja Samudr Sen
  4. None of the Above

8. When did Lahaul Spiti come under the control of British?

  1. 1846
  2. 1840
  3. 1853
  4. 1850


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