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MCQs – District Lahaul-Spiti – 2

By | February 20, 2018

1. Christian Missionaries did not get success in Lahaul because of: It was difficult to reach there as it was barren land Lahaulis were believer of Bodh Religion Lahaulis were unfriendly with the people from outside They were proud of their Ancestor’s religion, so no one get affected by them 2. What is the verbal… Read More »

MCQs – District Lahaul-Spiti – 1

By | February 20, 2018

1. What percentage of Scheduled Tribe is in Lahaul Spiti? 73% 7.11% 9.20% 55.58% 2. “Nono” minister is related to which Estate? Lahaul-Spiti Bushahr Kullu Chamba 3. Which minister of Lahaul Spiti got title “Rai Bahadur” in First World War by British? Nono Amir Chand  Vir Chand Gulab Chand 4. Which is the last village… Read More »