History of Shimla MCQs – 1

By | September 17, 2017

1. In which area are the sub-castes of Kanaits named Mukhya, Wazir and Maher?

A. Sirmaur

B. Shimla

C. Kinnaur

D. Lahaul

2. Who made Shimla as the summer capital of British Empire in India?

A. Lord Canning

B. Lord Elgin

C. Sir John Lawrence

D. Lord Litton

3. When did Shimla become the summer capital of British Empire?

A. 1864

B. 1871

C. 1875

D. 1889

4. In which year did Rothney Castle built atop Jhakhu Hill in Shimla by Colonel Rothney?

A. 1818

B. 1819

C. 1837

D. 1838

5. Where is herbal garden in District Shimla?

A. Jhadag

B. Dumreda

C. Pudag

D. Sainj

6. Ancient capital of Rampur Bushahr was:

A. Aani

B. Ribba

C. Kamru

D. Kumarsen

7. When did Mahatma Gandhi stay during his visit to Shimla in 1921?

A. Rothney Castle

B. Idgah

C. Shanti Kutir

D. Peterhoff

8. When did Gaiety theatre thrown open for public in Shimla?

A. 1887

B. 1888

C. 1889

D. 1890

9. Which of the following statues was not located at the Ridge Shimla?

A. Indira Gandhi

B. Y.S. Pramar

C. Subhash Chandra Bose

D. Mahatma Gandhi

10. Who was the first person to start protest against Begar practice in Shimla?

A. Bhagmal Sautha

B. Samuel Stokes

C. Y.S. Parmar

D. Bhulabhai Desai

11. Shimla Municipal Corporation was established in:

A. 1852

B. 1853

C. 1854

D. 1855

12. The old name of Himachal Pradesh Secretariat is:

A. Kennedy House

B. Ellerslie

C. Peterhoff

D. Barnes Court

13. Which of the following buildings was associated with court case related to death of Mahatma Gandhi in 1948?

A. Kennedy House

B. Barnes Court

C. Peterhoff

D. Majithia House

14. The name of the residence building of the founder of Indian National Congress A.O. Hume was:

A. Barnes Court

B. Peterhoff

C. Rothney Castle

D. Gorton Castle

15. Who discovered Shimla as a beautiful hill station?

A. Lord Hastings

B. Major Kennedy

C. A.O. Hume

D. Y.S.  Parmar

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